Projects vary depending on specifications and client design needs. The below rates act as a guide and formal quotes are sent for client approval after receiving a project request. Rates are billed to the nearest hour and do not include printing.

MGX partners with Printing Services and the CMU Sign Shop. Because print costs are billed separately, please contact their office directly to request print orders or quotes that do not require any design.  

Please note: Students are not available during holiday or university closures. In the event of a campus closure, we will coordinate with you on the next available time.

Important Information

Final cost may change for reasons such as: 
  1. Change of project scope 
  2. Incomplete or insufficient information 
  3. Additional proofs exceeding three 

Full payment is due upon receipt of deliverables. Upon receipt of deliverables, the job is considered complete and the client is responsible for print delivery and submission to media outlets and/or Printing Services. The client will be charged a $25 cancellation fee and accrued design time in the event the project is terminated. The client's signed estimate is required before design begins. Half payment is required for nonCMU/external jobs before delivering to the client or printer.

Rush fees
See above. An increased per hour charge is applied to rush projects. Rush fees are determined by project specifications, deadlines and current project load. The design manager will determine if projects are charged a rush fee and clients will be notified of this when receiving an estimate. 
Receive three proofs as part of the design process. A revision is a minor modification or correction needed to produce a final design. A round of revisions is a collection of edits, feedback, ideas, comments or questions provided by the client. A round concludes once the designer supplies a new proof. 

  1. An additional proof starts at $20/round, depending on the hourly rate set.
  2. Large projects may be granted more rounds of revisions as determined by the design manager
  3. Specific changes may be outside the round of revisions 
  4. No additional fees are charged if edits are the result of designer error 
  5. Clients are responsible for any additional charges due for rounds of revisions after surpassing base rounds 
Deliverables are the designs produced for a client. Media Graphix deliverables may include posters, logos, handouts, banners, brochures, web graphics, advertisements, artwork, stationary, business cards, reports, menus, graphs and presentations. Media Graphix does not release native design files.
Significant demands or major alterations to the design might require a change request. A designer will notify the client if a change request is needed. A new design request form and additional costs may be required.
All clients are responsible for proofreading their projects. Media Graphix is not responsible for any spelling or grammatical errors as well as time, date, or location changes from text supplied by the client. Media Graphix closes out a job after receiving a signed invoice from the client. Once a job is closed out, a new design request must be submitted for any corrections or changes.