Fall 2020 Advertising - COVID-19 Policy
​To ensure the health and safety of our campus community, all table tent advertisements for the fall 2020 semester will be run in a digital format. 

What this means:
We will still run advertisements on a weekly schedule, but in a different way. Table tents will be accessible through a QR code/table-top sticker. Audiences can snap a photo and be directed to the digital table tent.   

Why can't we print the table tents?
By moving advertising online, we'll help reduce the number of shared-use items on the tables in dining halls. In addition, our advertising schedule has been updated to follow the changes made to the semester. (See the modified advertising calendar below.) 

Benefits of going digital:
  • Reach more audiences across campus. 
  • Hyperlink sections of your advertisements.
  • Flexible artwork deadlines. 
  • Drive viewers directly to your website.

Digital table tents mean more opportunities to hyperlink within your advertisings. This means we can insert however many you'd like onto your artwork, which will send people directly to the website of your choosing. All we ask is that you send us the complete working URL(s) and where you want the hyperlink(s) placed. 

Will my artwork have to change? 
No. Our table tent dimensions and artwork specifications remain the same.  However, we recommend switching your artwork color modes from print (CMYK) to digital (RGB/HEX) for better image quality. Please refer to the specifications below.

    Panel Sizes
    Quarter Half Three-Quarter Full
    3.5"x2.375" 3.5"x4.75" 3.5"x7.125" 3.5"x9.75"

  • Accepted file types: PDF,AI and EPS.
  • Export all artwork and embedded images at 300 DPI.
  • Save files and embedded objects in RGB mode.
  • All fonts should be outlined or embedded within the file.
  • Include .25" bleed on artwork files. 
  • Not accepted: Microsoft Word Documents (.docx), Microsoft PowerPoint (.ppt) or Microsoft Publisher files (.pub).

Are you issuing refunds?
We will not be issuing refunds at this time.

Why not??
While we may not be printing table tents as originally planned, we are still advertising. In fact, we are advertising more than ever before!

Here are a few more benefits that you get from Fall 2020 advertising:

  • Real-time artwork previews and proofs.
  • Flexible artwork deadlines with revision uploads.
  • Customization options, including unlimited hyperlinks and digital file setup.
  • Increased marketing with multiple formats, such as video ads, table-top stickers and posters.
  • Additional locations, including the Bovee University Center and Student Activity Center.
  • Extend your advertising run for up to one week.

What do you mean "flexible"?
Going digital means we have the flexibility with our scheduled advertising, which is helpful with the kind of year we've all had! Please contact mgx@cmich.edu about your advertising schedule.

How do I extend my artwork run?
In addition to a flexible schedule, you also have the option to extend your artwork run an additional week. Please notify us BEFORE submitting your artwork so we can plan accordingly. The artwork must be the same as the one submitted!

What about late artwork?
Not a problem. We'll get your artwork added as soon as we can. Unless notified, it will only run the duration scheduled. Please contact mgx@cmich.edu to extend your artwork run.

Do these digital table tents cost less?
They do not. Costs have shifted to allow us to provide additional locations, have more customization options and extend advertising runs.

Can I promote table tents at my location?
Yes! If you are interested in promoting the weekly advertising, please reach out and we can figure out which format and quantities that work best for you.

Week No.
​Artwork deadline
(5 p.m. Mondays)

1 *
Aug 18–25
​Aug. 17
Aug 25-Sept 1
Aug 24
Sept 1-8
Aug 31
Sept 8-15 Sept 4
Sept 15-22
Sept 14
Sept 22-29 ​Sept 21
Sept 29-Oct 6 Sept 28
Oct. 6-13
​Oct. 5
Oct 13-20
​Oct 12
Oct 20-27 ​Oct 19
Oct 27-Nov 3 Oct 26
Nov 3-10 Nov 2
Nov 10-17 
​Nov 9
​Nov 17-24
Nov 16
​* Week one will run for two weeks and will run in conjunction with week 2 advertisements. 
Table tent advertising is print form of promotion to share messages across CMU's residential restaurants, including Real Food on Campus, Fresh Foods, Merrill, Robinson and the Down Under Food Court.
To reserve your space, please fill out the form below. 

All artwork must be submitted prior to your advertisement run. 
Advertisements will not run if a signature or payment is not received by the deadline. All advertisements require payment in full by the date indicated on the invoice. Charged are processed after receiving client approval.  

If no payment is received the:
  • Advertisement will not run. 
  • Purchaser will be held financially responsible for the space. 
  • Client forfeits reserved space. 
No refunds are issued if advertising space is terminated. Media Graphix holds the right to refuse or cancel advertisements at any time for any reason, including offensive or inappropriate content. 
  • Proofread for spelling or grammatical errors.
  • Provide accurate information (time, date, place).
  • Ensure advertisements do not contain illegal or defamatory content.
  • Supply artwork before or by the deadline.
  • Request Media Graphix designs, if applicable.

Design charges are not included in advertising costs. Clients are responsible for submitting design requests to Media Graphix at two weeks prior to the artwork deadline. Late requests may result in rush fees.
Table tents will be distributed on the next available work day in the event of a campus closure. In the event of an extended campus closure, no refunds will be issued.