Activate Subsidized and Unsubsidized Federal Direct Student Loans

ENROLLMENT CRITERIA:  Students must be enrolled at least half-time to receive any federal loan Direct Loan (subsidized, unsubsidized, PLUS and/or Grad PLUS): 

    Undergraduate students (six credit hours per semester)

    Graduate students (five credit hours per semester)

For 1'st time borrowers of FEDERAL DIRECT STUDENT LOANS ... Follow these 3 electronic steps to receive your loan money.  Complete these requirements as soon as you are awarded a loan.  Waiting for the beginning of the semester can delay your loan.

  • STEP 1: Register and obtain your Personal Identification Number (PIN) if you have not already done so.

  • STEP 2: Complete Master Promissory Note. Go to the website (you will need to use your Federal PIN). At the Student Loans website you will want to select the link "Complete MPN" located near the bottom of the page.

  • STEP 3: Complete Direct Loan Entrance Counseling at:
    All first-time Federal Direct Stafford Loan borrowers MUST complete an online entrance orientation session before their loan funds can be disbursed. Look for this under the "Counseling" tab after you sign in with your pin.


Your parent needs to complete a Parent Loan Application. This form can be completed online, printed off and submitted to the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid. The steps necessary to receive this loan are detailed on the following link.