Verification is a process of review that determines the accuracy of the information submitted by the student and family on the FAFSA.  If you are selected for verification, you will receive a request for documentation from CMU.   We may request W-2s, parent and student federal tax transcripts and other records as required.   Please wait until you receive a request from CMU before mailing your documentation.  

To retain your eligibility for federal financial aid, you are required to comply with our request for documentation.   We appreciate your cooperation.  

 If you have been paid financial aid that is later canceled as a result of the verification process, you must return the payment.    If your aid changes, we will notify you via an email to your CMU account.

Deadline for Submitting Documentation

All verification documents must be submitted to the OSFA by the last date of attendance during the award year or all federal and state aid will be canceled.