Courage Goes To Work

Presented by Bill Treasurer
Bill’s keynote will discuss the relationship between discomfort and human development, the impact of fear on performance, insights to fear management, and identify courage strategies participants can take with them into the workplace. This workshop has been taught on 4 continents in 10 countries, stressing the importance of courage as a fundamental leadership virtue. 

CMU’s response to mental health today and tomorrow

Presented by Deanna Johnson, Melissa Hutchinson, & Tony Voisin
In this session, participants will learn what CMU does to help students experiencing challenges with mental health and wellness. The session will provide participants with resources on how to help students get the support they need. This session will emphasize the importance of staff having courageous leadership to say something when they see something and ensure support is provided for all in our community.

Courageous Leadership: Part II

Presented by Bill Treasurer
In this session, Bill will expand upon the themes discussed in his keynote address around courageous leadership. Participants will gain a greater understanding of courageous leadership, be able to ask additional questions on the topic, and walk away with a deeper understanding how concepts discussed can impact their work at CMU.

Cultural Competence via Board Game

Presented by Natalie Gillard
What if the opportunity to discuss inequality in America was presented through an unconventional, interactive, and harmless platform? During this session, participants will engage in a facilitated dialogue and board game to simulate the experiences of diverse identities including race, gender, sexual orientation, faith, and class. This session should particularly benefit those interested in exploring an effective way to participate in a dialogue about the cyclical realities of injustice in America. 

Developing an inclusive leadership lens

Presented by Shannon Jolliff-Dettore 
Higher education continues to become increasingly diverse across identities, beliefs, and lived experiences for students, faculty, and staff. As leaders, CMU staff need to be equipped with innovative, meaningful, and sustainable skills to support the continued culture shift. In this dynamic and engaging session, participants will gain a deeper understanding of their own socialization, develop insights into how our social identities affect engagement with others, and build the capacity to cultivate an inclusive environment at CMU. This two-part series will intentionally build upon each other. 
  • Session one will explore who participants are and what they believe.
  • Session two will equip participants with a toolbox of skills to take away and lean upon to develop our inclusive leadership lens. 

Personal brand development in leadership

Presented by Kris Marsh
As a leader, you are an extension of the organization you serve. This provides you with the opportunity to embody and define values both at an organizational and personal level.  During this session, we will explore personal branding, how it is critical to leadership success, and how a strong personal brand can support your organization’s values and goals. At the end of our session, you will:
  • Have a heightened level of self-awareness;
  • Understand how a strong personal brand is critical to your success as a leader;
  • Have gained clarity and built intention on the personal brand you want;
  • Have identified the behaviors and attributes that support or hinder the leader you want to be;
  • Understand how your personal brand can embody CMU leadership standards; and
  • Have started your own Personal Brand Strategy Map™.

The Leadership Standards Initiative: Building a foundation of trust

Presented by Harley Blake
Trust truly lies at the heart of everything to do with the Leadership Standards Initiative (LSI). If the LSI is to succeed in its intent, then as an institution we have to start the conversation here. Come along for the ride as this session dives into this dynamic topic, and provides participants with some practical tools they can put into practice at home and at work.

Vulnerability: The powerful gift to give ourselves and one another

Presented by Debra Dunbar
Vulnerability can be described as a feeling of uncertainty, risk, and emotional exposure. Most were taught to go to great lengths to avoid any feeling of vulnerability at work, when in fact reducing our shield of protection allows us to open ourselves to purpose, meaning, and engagement. In this session, participants will focus on: 
  • an inward focus to achieve outward success;
  • the link between authenticity and vulnerability;
  • how to develop emotional engagement;
  • compassion and empathy for self and others; and 
  • 5 key facets of vulnerability at work.

Key trends in campus mental health services

Presented by Educational Advisory Board
In recent years the demand for mental health services on college and university campuses has exploded. Institutions are struggling to keep pace with the escalating number of students seeking services on campus. This video conference presentation will discuss national data and trends in the demand for mental health services, major factors contributing to the demand, and the impact that the increased demand is having on students, counseling centers, and colleges and universities.

Your future work: Debunking the myths of generational stereotypes

Presented by Dr. Amy McGinnis
This session reviews key differences between current research related to generational differences and popular culture’s traditional and continually reinforced stereotypes. Generational differences will be addressed regarding employee work attitudes, motivation, conflict, and communication. During this session, participants will be challenged to question their assumptions regarding generational differences and their perceptions of others, and will leave better equipped to interact appropriately in the workplace without allowing biases to affect the treatment of others.