​​​2016-493-001 Fall Scenics sj.JPGAlcohol and drug misuse can negatively impact student success. CMCREW can help.

College students dealing with alcohol and drug misuse can cause health, interpersonal, and financial problems, negatively impacting their academic performance and overall success.

CMCREW represents a collaborative partnership between Ten16 Recovery Network and Central Michigan University to help students struggling with alcohol and drug misuse. CMCREW provides services to support students in recovery from substance use disorders. In addition, they provide education and early intervention services to students struggling with their alcohol and drug use.

Located in Robinson Hall, CMCREW does one-on-one consultations, educational programs on-campus, and partners with other offices to help educate the campus community on these important issues.

Recovery services, including coaching and support groups, are free to students, both off-campus and on-campus. Other services such as evaluations and classes have a fee schedule.

CMCREW services offered include:

  • Student evaluations – One-on-one evaluation with a CMCREW staff member to evaluate a student's alcohol and drug use. Based on their results, students will receive feedback and recommendations for additional services.
  • Recovery coaching - One-on-one meeting with a certified Recovery Coach to help develop a student recovery plan.
  • Peer-led support groups - An informal gathering of students and fellow community members sharing experiences and effective strategies with one another. 
  • Education classes - Classes for students whose behaviors may indicate a developing problem. The classes act as an early intervention for students at risk, while providing action steps for better decisions, by mixing both education and experience.