Our Graduate Assistant Learning Community is a point of pride for the Division of Enrollment and Student Services (ESS). As a graduate assistant, we value you as both a student and employee of CMU. Members of the Graduate Assistant Learning Community work in different departments within the Division of Enrollment and Student Services and represent various graduate programs. The Graduate Assistant Learning Community is a model that provides you time and space to network and collaborate. The Learning Community provides the opportunity to live on-campus in the same residence hall as other graduate assistants (with no Residence Life assigned duties), as well as an on-campus meal plan.

Beginning in August, you will participate in a three-week orientation for the Learning Community and your graduate assistantship. During this time, you will not only become familiar with your own department, you will build connections with other graduate assistants, acclimate to the campus and Mount Pleasant community, and receive training on CMU Policies and ESS resources. Graduate assistants also will participate in dynamic monthly professional development workshops designed to build your professional competencies and maximize your experience at CMU.

This is an exciting time to join the Graduate Assistant Learning Community. Please explore the recruitment booklet to learn more about this unique opportunity. For more information about assistantships, please contact the Associate Director of the Leadership Institute, Jesi Ekonen at parke4jl@cmich.edu or the Professional Development and Recruitment Coordinator, Anjam Chaudhary at chaud1a@cmich.edu . For more information about graduate admissions or apply to a graduate program, please contact the College of Graduate Studies.