Phase 2: Engage


Students find a place to focus

Topics explored: 

Career exploration, intermediate level skill building, NACE skills defined and applied


  • Able to relate interests and values to a sense of purpose
  • Describe how co-curricular involvement relates to career outcomes. 
  • Explain learning and development from co-curricular experiences.

What will students do?

  • Complete 7 co-curricular involvements:
    • 1 involvement from each of 5 competency areas
    • 2 self-selected experiences
  • Complete 1 reflection (focused on NACE skills)

What do some of these campus experiences look like?

  • Give back to communities nationwide on an Alternative Break
  • Gain some money skills by participating in the Financial Wellness Conference
  • Schedule an appointment with a Peer Involvement Advisor
  • Become a Resident or Inclusion Assistant
  • Learn more about yourself and your leadership by attending LeaderShape
  • Go Greek!