How can I get a job on campus?

Check out Student Employment Services in Bovee University Center 206. They update their listings all the time, so check back.

What’s the best way to find help with deciding on a major?

Good question! CMU has more than 200 programs, and many students have a tough time choosing a major when they're just starting out in school.

Here are some ways you can get started in deciding your major:

  • Stop by M.A.J.O.R. Night.  This event, hosted yearly in October, brings all advising units together in one campus location and gives students the opportunity to learn about the variety of academic major and minor program options available.
  • Visit Career Services. Find out about what kinds of jobs you can get with different majors. You can even sit down with a counselor and explore some of these possibilities. Here, you can take a test called the Myers-Briggs Personality Type (MBTI). This will help you get to know your strengths a little better, which is useful in exploring your academic and career interests.
  • Join some Registered Student Organizations (RSO's) around your interests and see what you gravitate toward for a potential major.

Where can I eat when the residential restaurants are closed?

Visit the CMU Dining website for all location and hours of service information.

Where can I find a list of RSOs (Registered Student Organizations) and clubs?

A complete list of available RSO's can be found here.

How can I get a tutor?

Tutoring is available for most 100, 200, 300 and 400 level courses. CMU will provide for up to 3 hours of tutoring per week at no cost to the student. Sign up for tutoring in the Academic Assistance Office, Ronan Hall 250 or call (989) 774-3465.

When do I have to declare a major?

Students are required to complete an authorization for a major or sign a statement of intent to major by the time they earn 56 hours of credit. Students should consult an advisor about other deadlines and requirements, as some programs may have more specific timelines. 

How many credits do you need to have before you’re considered a sophomore?

CMU considers you a sophomore when you reach 26 credit hours; a junior at 56 credit hours; and a senior at 86.

What is the best mode of transportation if you don’t have a car?

You basically have four options: 1) walking, 2) biking 3) iRide (bus) or 4) taxi service. Walking or biking is pretty much all you need to get around campus. For trips farther out of town, like Meijer, for example, check out the iRide.

How and when can I find out my grades?

Grades are available via CentralLink at the end of the semester. Consult our Dates and Deadlines page for the date when grades should be published online.