2018-277-09 IMPACT mb.JPGPhase 3: Lead


Students deepen specific, concentrated involvement 

Topics explored: 

Career readiness, advanced level skill building


  • Apply how values and interest align with career goals.
  • Demonstrate specific skill development from co-curricular involvement.
  • Articulate learning and leadership development from co-curricular experiences.

What will students do?

  • Complete 6 co-curricular experiences:
    • 1 involvement from each of 5 competency areas (5 total)
    • 1 self-selected, in-depth experience
  • Complete 1 reflection (focused on NACE skills)

What do some of these campus experiences look like?

  • Become more involved in a student organization or SGA by taking leadership positions or leading an event
  • Hone more of your employment skills through on-campus employment
  • Become a Lunch Buddies Mentor
  • Become a Leadership Safari Guide or IMPACT mentor
  • Increase your cultural competency by joining in on-campus Cultural Heritage Month events

Why reflection?

Reflection allows students the opportunity to develop their own learning and build stronger connections between experiences. It provides space for students to take any experience and gain a better understanding of the things they learned from the activity and how to apply that learning other areas of their life. 

CMU Gold Journal Reflections will prompt students to complete 1-2 pages of reflection in which they will articulate learning and leadership development from co-curricular experiences, reflect on how co-curricular involvement can influence career outcomes, and begin to identify their sense of purpose through interests and values.