It is agreed that Central Michigan University may terminate this agreement and take possession of said apartment together with the furnishings and equipment thereof at any time for violation of any of the covenants, conditions or regulations forming a part of the agreement, or for health or social reasons, for any other reason deemed sufficient by University. Termination of the Housing Agreement prior to June 20th must be in writing to the Associate Director of Residence Life. Cancellation of the Housing Agreement after June 20th, but prior to the first day apartments are available in the fall, must be in writing and will result in a $100 charge.

Contract Release: The Housing Agreement is for the entire academic year, or remainder of year, as long as the student is enrolled at Central Michigan University.

The residency and financial conditions of the housing Agreement shall not be terminated to move to a private home, fraternity or sorority house, or other housing, or to commute during the period covered by this Agreement.

Single students desiring to move from a university apartment before the lease ends are responsible for full rent for the entire academic year.​