​All assignments will be based on date of application, providing the applicant meets the eligibility requirements. Assignments to all university apartments for the summer sessions and fall semester will begin in April and for the spring semester, in November; on a rolling basis as vacancies occur.

  1. All assignments are made without regard to race, creed or color. Assignment to a single student apartment will be made to students of the same sex only. In family housing, proof of marriage is required.
  2. Fall and spring semester: Undergraduate students must carry a minimum of 9 credit hours; graduate students 7 credit hours; graduate assistants a minimum of 5 credit hours.
  3. Students agree to fully abide by all of the conditions and regulations now and later to be enacted, applying to the rental, occupancy and use of said apartments as stated herein and as set forth in current University policy.
  4. All University housing regulations will pertain to university apartment housing.
  5. The University will furnish to occupants during the occupancy of the said premises, as part of the consideration for the rental payment, the utility charges on electricity local telephone calls, gas, water and heat and other such services as the University deems appropriate. Light bulbs, except fluorescent, are to be furnished by the tenant.


  1. Families with no children will be assigned to one-bedroom apartments.
  2. Families with children, or where the mother is expecting or the family is expecting a placement, will be given priority over families having no children for two-bedroom apartments.
  3. Residents living in one-bedroom apartments must submit a written statement of needs to be considered for a two-bedroom apartment.
  4. A limited number of three-bedroom apartments are available for students with definite needs.
  5. Priorities do not apply to summer school assignments except in the case of families who wish to remain in the apartment beyond the summer sessions.
  6. Special requests for summer move-ins who will not begin classes until fall will be considered on an individual basis. Please make requests as early as possible with the Office of Residence Life.
  7. Faculty or administrative staff members must be new in the fall for an August move-in. If apartments become available during the academic year; preference will be given to the newest employees.