1. After receiving your assignment, you are expected to notify your apartment supervisor of the specific time and date of your arrival, at least one week in advance. If plans change, please contact your Apartment Supervisor.

  2. Contact your Apartment Supervisor personally upon arrival. Move-in must be done during normal business hours. Receive key and instructions from your Apartment Supervisor. Rent charges begin the day you pick up your key and sign your move-in and telecommunication card.

  3. Complete one "check-list" per single student resident, or one per family, within 7 days after moving in, and return it to your Apartment Supervisor.

  4. One key will be issued to each student (and spouse) who have been assigned, have signed move-in cards, and who reside in the apartment.

  5. Student, spouse and children must all occupy the assigned unit/children listed on the application must reside with eligible parent(s) in the assigned unit. Housing is provided only for the student, spouse and their children. Any change in immediate family must be reported in writing to the Office of Residence Life​ within 10 days after the change occurs.