No alcohol is permitted in the courtyard areas. Residents of legal drinking age may drink alcohol in his or her apartment as long as it does not disturb other residents.


Outside antennas of any kind are not allowed. They may be a hazard for children, fire, buildings, etc.


Barbecue equipment should not be stored outside the apartment. When barbecues are in use they must be tended at all times. Coals must be extinguished immediately after use to prevent injury. To extinguish: cools should be doused with water. Do not dispose of hot coals in the dumpsters!


Bicycle racks are located in each apartment area. Though bicycle racks do not prevent thefts, they do deter them. You must have your bicycle registered with the CMU Police Department. There is no charge for registering.


All University Apartments are equipped with Cable TV hookups. If you are interested in adding a pay service channel or if you need repair service, contact the Information Technology Office.


Play areas are located adjacent to the apartments, usually in the inside courts, and various items of equipment are furnished by the university. Parents must supervise these areas and accept responsibility for any injuries sustained. Children are not allowed to play in the hallways, entrances or laundry rooms. Please do not send your children out to play and expect neighbors or Apartment Supervisors to watch them. Parents should supervise their children´s play activity closely.


No portable dishwashers are allowed in any units.


Large hopper-type containers are placed in central locations in the areas to be served. For proper use of the containers, all garbage must be wrapped. The resident must haul items too large for the dumpster to the dump. When not in use, the container doors must be kept closed for sanitation reasons.

Please be extremely careful of any old empty or half-empty cans or jars containing ingredients of a harmful or poisonous nature. See that they are disposed of inside the dumpster.

If bags of garbage are left in the halls or outside the building you will be charged for their removal.


Furnished and unfurnished Apartments If you have a furnished apartment, you will be responsible for all of the university-issued furniture; and any damaged or missing Items will be charged to your account. We do not rent partially furnished apartments and we cannot change the status of your apartment from furnished to unfurnished or vice-versa. If you have a furnished apartment and you store some of the furniture, you will be responsible for returning it in good condition.


If you lose a key to your apartment please report it to your Apartment Supervisor immediately. The lock will be changed by Facilities Management, new keys issued and a charge of $33 will be made to cover the costs involved. Do-not have keys duplicated, as they will not be accepted.


Coin - operated laundry facilities are provided in Kewadin Village and Northwest Apartments. ​If a machine is broken or malfunctioning please contact your Apartment Supervisor. If you lose money in a machine in Kewadin or Northwest, you may pick up your refund in the University Apartments Office, Ronan Hall, Room 270, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Community laundry rooms are for the exclusive use of apartment residents. Use by other than apartment residents is considered trespassing and will be dealt with accordingly.

Privately owned washing machines and dryers are not allowed in the individual apartments. Dishwashers are also not allowed.


The university is not responsible for any personal possessions of an occupant nor for injuries incurred by any person while the occupant is in possession of the premises. It is highly recommended that every resident carry renter´s insurance. Residents will be responsible for loss to any university property if loss is due to negligence.


Each apartment has two mailboxes - one for U.S. mail and the other for campus mail. The Post Office will deliver mail only if you have your name taped on your mailbox. Please do this immediately upon moving into your apartment, Mailbox areas must be kept clear and be accessible at all times. The campus mailbox will be used by your Apartment Supervisor to deliver notices, letters from organizations, and all other campus mail. Check it regularly.


The Apartment Supervisor prepares an occupancy roster at the beginning of each semester. Please list the names of all apartment residents with the supervisor.


Every effort is made by the Office of Residence Life to keep the rooms in good repair. The Facilities Management personnel complete all painting. Residents may not paint their own rooms.


All vehicles belonging to apartment residents must be officially registered with the University. Students moving into apartments must register with the CMU Police Department immediately upon arrival on campus.

Parking is permitted only in the area designated by the University. Parking areas are adjacent to each complex. The proper parking decal must be displayed at all times. Any visitors to the apartment areas whether student, faculty, staff, friends or relatives, must have a visitor´s permit in order to park. These permits are available at the CMU Police Department, Combined Services Building.

Automobiles are not permitted on the lawn at any time except when moving in or out, and then only with permission of the Apartment Supervisor and dependent upon conditions. Residents shall not wash or repair automobiles on the premises.

Motorcycles are considered motor vehicles and must be operated and parked in areas designated for all vehicles. They are not allowed on lawns, by or inside buildings, etc.

Students who have trailers or boats, etc. on university property must submit the license number and name of the owner to the CMU Police Department, who will prescribe a parking area for the vehicle. Name and university address must be permanently affixed for identification.


Insects and small rodents can be controlled by proper cleaning, spraying and trapping. CMU´s pest control technician will service any pest control problems. To schedule the service, please contact your Apartment Supervisor.


Football, baseball, softball, golf and lawn darts are not to be played on the inside court areas.


Smoke detectors are provided for your safety in each unit. They become activated when too many combustible particles accumulate in the air. A loud noise will alert you and allow you time to reach safety. If you determine that there is no fire or danger, air out your unit and fan the smoke detector to stop the alarm. It is very important that you be aware that the smoke detector does not automatically alert the fire department.

If your smoke detector goes off repeatedly when there is no fire, please contact your Apartment Supervisor. They will determine whether the unit needs to be adjusted or replaced. Do not remove the batteries from the detector unit. New batteries, when needed, will be provided by the Apartment Supervisor.


There are no university community storage facilities available. All items of furniture, equipment and all personal belongings are to be stored in each individual apartment. Outside sheds are not allowed.

Common entrances, stairways and halls are for entrance and exit travel only and state fire regulations require that they be clear at all times. They are not to be used for storage purposes. The university reserves the right to remove and dispose of all items without liability for doing so when they are left in these areas.


A telephone, supplied and operated by Central Michigan University, is furnished in each apartment. When you check into your apartment you will sign a telephone card which will begin local service. Long distance service will begin when you are assigned an authorization code. Authorization codes may be obtained from the Information Technology Office, lower level of the Woldt Complex. Telephone service or killing problems should be addressed to the information Technology Office.


Coin-operated laundry facilities are available in Northwest Apartments and Kewadin Village. Personal washers and dryers are not allowed in any university apartment.