1. ​Each occupant is responsible for the entire period designated in the contract and until the apartment is checked out, the keys returned, and separation has been approved. An apartment is not officially vacated until the keys are returned to the Supervisor and the "move-out" forms are signed. Failure to vacate on the designated date shall result in a charge of $30 per day for each day occupant fails to vacate.
  2. Vacating residents are responsible for cleaning the apartment thoroughly. A vacating brochure will be sent to each resident when the University Apartments Office has been notified of a specific move-out date.
  3. One week prior to your move out you must make an appointment with your apartment supervisor to check out of your apartment. 
  4. Listed below are the items that residents sometimes overlook in the final cleaning and the commonly assessed charges for our cleaning time.

​Stove - burners, broiler, oven racks, and outside area​$30.00
​Refrigerator - interior and exterior, shelves, defrost and leave running​$25.00
​Kitchen cabinets - interior and exterior, drawers, (each drawer or cabinet)​$  2.00
​Venetian Blinds - dusted and washed if necessary​$15.00
​Floors - washed and buffed (each room)​$10.00
​Washer and Dryer - interior and exterior​$  5.00
​Light Globes (each)​$  1.00
​Windows - washed inside and outside, including screens (each)​$  2.00
​Walls - soiled or painted if necessary (each wall)​$38.00
​Furnace filter and furnace room​$  5.00
​Window and door tracks (each track)​$  1.00
​Sofa, and storage area in sofa​$15.00
​Closet shelves in bedroom​$  1.00
​Scotch tape or other tape left on wall (each piece)​$  1.00
​Bathroom - lavatory, toilet, tub, shower area - mirror and area over mirror, exhaust fan​$47.25