Pet Policy Penalties

  1. ​Residents observed or reported to have pets will be presented with a Notice of Violation. The occupant will be assessed a penalty of $20 for the first Notice of Violation and have 7 days to remove the pet from the University and report same in writing.
  2. If such report is not made a second Notice of Violation will be given and a $25 charge will be added to the student´s account. The occupant will then have 7 days to remove the pet and notify in writing.
  3. If the pet is not removed from the premises at the end of the 14 day period, charges will be made under the provisions outlined under "Policy and Procedures Relating to Student Rights and Responsibilities," Fines and penalties for violation of regulations concerning pets may not exceed $50 per violation, with each day of violation being considered a separate violation.


The pet policy restriction does not apply to animals providing assistance to residents with a physical disability and approved by the Director of Student Disability Services. 989-774-3018