1. OCCUPANT shall abide by the ordinances of the city of Mt. Pleasant, ordinances of the county of Isabella, state law, regulations of the Central Michigan Community Health District and State Health Department and the regulations of the local fire department and State Fire Marshal with respect to health, fire and safety matters. OCCUPANT shall not store combustible or inflammable materials within the premises nor shall OCCUPANT permit anything to be done on premises which would increase fire, health or safety risks to anyone.

  2. Not to remove from the interior of the apartment furnishings and fixtures belonging to the UNIVERSITY or furnishings and fixtures which were furnished with the leased premises. All areas outside the apartment including stairways, landings and balconies are to be kept clean and free at all times.

  3. Not to possess, consume, furnish, or aid in the consumption or furnishing of, alcoholic beverages on UNIVERSITY property except as permitted by law and UNIVERSITY policy; UNIVERSITY policy does not permit kegs or pooling of alcohol at any time.

  4. Not to possess, use, manufacture, produce, or distribute, or old in the use, manufacture, production, or distribution of, any controlled substance except as expressly permitted by law.

  5. Not to participate in illegal gambling of any sort on the premises owned or controlled by the UNIVERSITY.

  6. To house guests only on a temporary basis.

  7. To use and occupy the premises leased in a careful and lawful manner for residential purposes only. OCCUPANT (and OCCUPANT´S guests, invitees, or agents) shall not use the premises in any manner which will cause an unusual nuisance or annoyance to other occupants or the neighborhood. OCCUPANT is responsible for all activities on the premises leased by OCCUPANT. Entertainment by OCCUPANT shall be allowed; however, loud or noisy parties which are disturbing to neighbors or other occupants are prohibited. Violation of any provision of this paragraph shall be considered as a material breach of the Agreement and the Agreement may be declared forfeited as to OCCUPANT by and at the option of the UNIVERSITY upon any one or more of such breaches.

  8. Not to keep dogs, cats or any other pets or animals on the premises, except fish. Please alert your visitors that their pets are not allowed on University property.

  9. Not to possess in the premises leased any firearms, which are not registered with the University, explosives (including fireworks), dangerous chemicals or other weapons on UNIVERSITY-owned or controlled property- except for firearms properly registered with the CMU Police Department.

  10. To be responsible for maintaining such fire, casualty and liability insurance to protect the OCCUPANT´S possessions and financial integrity for which the OCCUPANT feels the need and the UNIVERSITY shall not have the responsibility for any of the personal possessions of OCCUPANT nor for the injuries incurred by any persons while OCCUPANT is in possession of the premises. The OCCUPANT accepts responsibility for lost, damaged or stolen property or for personal injury sustained on the premises.

  11. Not to participate in organized business or private enterprise for remunerative purposes from the apartment. Applications for solicitation, sales and fund raising for items less than $10.00 may be obtained in the Office of Residence Life. Permits may be issued only after approval from the Office of Residence Life.

  12. And, to use the premises leased in a responsible and careful manner, as outlined in PART III, Section I - Cleanliness and Sanitation, and Section 2 - Care of Apartment, Furniture and Equipment.