How do I apply for a residence hall?

  • First, read the entire Community Living Guide and the Residence Life website so you will have all of the information necessary to make an informed choice.
  • After you have been admitted to CMU and paid your enrollment deposit, you will be able to access the Office of Residence Life's application program. The web address will be included in the Community Living Guide. You will need your CMU global ID and password in order to be admitted to the secure application system. You may obtain assistance with your global ID and password by contacting the CMU Help Desk at (989) 774-3662.
  • Once you are permitted to access the residence hall application you will be guided through the process of finding a possible roommate or roommates. If you already have a roommate choice, you will be able to submit that information at that time. Both you and your roommate must request each other in order to be assigned to the same room.
  • In May, you will be able to complete your application by selecting a specific residence hall and room. You will be sent an e-mail explaining exactly when you may proceed and how to return to the portal to complete the process. At that time you will be able to log into the site, reselect your term and then place yourself (and possible roommates) in the room of your choice.

When is my first room and board payment due?

  • Your first room and board payment is due May 1 and will automatically be charged to your student account.
  • If you apply for housing after these dates, you must submit your payment at the time you apply.
  • Please make your check payable to Central Michigan University and include your name and student number on the check, as well as a notation that it is for your first room and board payment.

What is the priority for housing applications?

  • Returning residence hall students
  • First-year students
  • Transfer and other students

Just the facts

  • Each residence hall room or suite is occupied by all men or women on a floor that is coed.
  • One hall (Barnes) has one section where all men or all women reside on one floor in each section. In the other section, floors are occupied by both men and women.

Expanded Occupancy Rooms

For a variety of reasons, there is a possibility that a residence hall may have expanded occupancy at the beginning of the fall semester. This means that five students may be assigned to suites. If a student is assigned to a five-person room, a daily rebate will be credited to each student´s account, until the fifth person is offered the opportunity to move to a four-person room.

Reduced Occupancy Rooms

If space is available, reduced occupancy may be an option at an additional charge. The rates  are:

* 3 persons in a 4-person suite = one and one/quarter times the base room rate.
* 2 persons in a 4-person suite = one and one/half times the base room rate.
* 1 person in a 2-bedroom suite - one and one/half times the base room rate.

Single Rooms

A very limited number of rooms have been designated for single occupancy. These rooms are rented at the single room rate of one and one-half times the regular room rate.

Gender-Inclusive Housing

The Office of Residence Life at Central Michigan University is committed to providing residents a comfortable, educational, diverse and caring community where academic success, personal growth, and social responsibility are valued.

In an effort to assist each student in finding their place on campus, we offer gender-inclusive housing for transgender and gender non-conforming individuals.

If you are interested in gender-inclusive housing, we can provide you with a personal and confidential assessment of the available options. To discuss your interest or preferences, please contact the Office of Residence Life at 989-774-3111.

The university reserves the right to change the living arrangements of a hall if necessary.​​​​​

Cancellation Policy

For specific details about the cancellation policy, cancellation fees, and cancellation of the housing contract, please go to the Office of Residence Life Housing Contract