​​​​Online Application Process

Please review the information below before clicking on one of the "Apply" links near the bottom of the page to begin the application process.

General Steps and Information:

1.  Select the appropriate Apply button below so that you can view Posting Details.  Under view Posting Details, there is a great deal of important information, including a section called ‘Message to Applicants’. This section describes what is needed in the Letter of Interest that is a required document you attach to your application.  The Letter of Interest is a personal statement specific to your interest, qualifications, preparation, etc. in the specific position to which you are applying.  Please review the ‘Message to Applicants’ for more information.

2.  Once you have reviewed the details of the posting, select 'Apply For This Position' which allows you to create an Application/Profile.  Follow the guided prompts.

3.  Respond to the Supplemental Questions.  See helpful notes below.

4.  Attach your Letter of Interest/Personal Statement.

​5.  Submit/Apply for the Position.  NOTE:  once you submit your application, you cannot go back and edit it in any way.  The only option is to withdraw, so please review all of your materials thoroughly before hittting S​ubmit/Apply.

6.  After you submit your application, go to the Positional Processing page on our site to sign up for an appointment.  

**If you are interested in both positions, simply repeat the process after selecting the other Apply button below; the system will allow you to go in as a Returning Applicant and use the same Application/Profile.  You will need to complete new Supplemental Questions and Letter of Interest/Personal Statement​.  **Note: you only need to schedule one​ Positional Processing appointment.

Please note the following about this application process:

  • ​It does not have spell-check and/or grammar correction functions built into the application. If you require these tools, we recommend you create a document in a word processor and then copy and paste into the text fields.  
  • When it asks for address, please provide your local address.  Please use your residence hall name & room # if you currently live on campus.  Off campus students should provide local street address and apartment number if relevant.
  • It does not require email or phone, but please provide these, as they are exceptionally helpful for when we need to contact you.
  • Do not start any of the​ application sections with a hyphen (-).  The system will give you an error message for that section when you try to submit.
  • Please remember to SAVE your progress as you go.  Once the Application/Profile is complete, you will be able to view the profile and edit.  Unfortunately, the ‘Supplemental Questions’ section of the process (where you will provide information on your references, work experience, awards & honors, community/volunteer service, leadership, extra-curricular activities, etc.) does not allow you to save and review, only to submit.
  • The online application has a question that asks where you heard about the position.  Please click any answer, as this question will be omitted in your final application.
  • You have until January 16, 2017 to submi​t your application for either or both positions.  Students who are studying abroad or doing an internship in Spring 2017 must have their applications submitted in by November 23​, 2016.  Please consult the Candidate Timeline.​


Apply to be a Resident Assistant *opens November 1, 2016

Apply to be a Multicultural Advisor​​ ​*opens November 1, 2016

If the link takes you to the Welcome Page, click on the link a 2nd time which should take you to the job posting.  If that is not successful, on the Welcome Page, click on ‘search posting’ in the left corner.  From there, click on the position drop down menu and select ‘Resident Assistant’ or ‘Multicultural Advisor’ and click on ‘search’.  From there, the search results will display the position you requested. You then will be able to VIEW the position and then create an Application/Profile for the position.

If you have any questions please contact Kim Voisin at voisi1kj@cmich.edu or 989-774-6601 or Ann Krzyzaniak at krzyz1am@cmich.edu​ or 989-774-3104.

Reminder of eligibility:

  • You must be at least sophomore status​ at the conclusion of the semester in which you are applying.
  • You must have a cumulative grade point average of 2.5 or higher at the time of application and at the conclusion of the semester in which you are applying. A cumulative grade point average of 2.5 must be maintained during the period of employment.
  • You must be available for employment for two semesters upon initial hire.
  • You must not be within one year of being placed on disciplinary probation through CMU or any other university. During the period of employment, MAs and RAs must not be in violation of any University policies or procedures.
  • All employment positions within the department of Residence Life are interrelated. Consequently, disciplinary action you receive while employed in one Residence Life position may impact your employment status in another Residence Life position, up to and including discharge.
  • You are expected to place the position as one of your highest priorities. Employment and extracurricular involvement outside of the position must have the approval of your RHD. Employment must also be approved by the AD. If employment is approved by your RHD and AD, your Assistant​Director will provide confirmation of that approval in writing. You may work no more than 15 hours per week. To work in excess of 15 hours per week requires specific approval in advance by the RHD and AD for the time-period involved.