​​​​​​​​​Hall council meetings are a great place to learn more about the culture of a building you might be interested in working in. If you´re like most students, you haven´t spent much time in other residence halls. Visiting another hall, and in particular its hall council meeting, will let you learn more about what happens in that hall - activities, issues, interests, leaders, etc. Check them out!

Reach out to the president or advisor if you want to be a guest speaker at a meeting or to confirm if a specific date has a meeting scheduled. Not all groups meet weekly.

**Fall 2017**

Meeting Day/TimeLocation
BeddowTuesday 9pmBE Lobby​
CalkinsTuesday 7​pmCalkins Lobby
CampbellTuesday 9pmCM 3rd Floor Lounge
CareyThursday 7pmKulhavi 146
CobbMonday 8:30​pmKulhavi 146
F/E/WTuesday 8pmF/E/W Lobby
KesselerMonday 9​pm​KS 3rd Floor Lounge
KulhaviThursday 8pmKulhavi 146
LarzelereTuesday 9​pmBack Lobby
MerrillWednes​day​ 9​pmMerrill Lobby
R & B CouncilMonday 9pmRobinson Lobby
S/H/CTues​day 9pmSHC Lobby
SweeneyTuesday 9​​pmSweeney Lobby
ThorpeWednesday 9pmThorpe Lobby
TroutWednesday 9:00pmTerrace Rec. Room
TroutmanWednesday 9​pmKulhavi 141
WheelerWednesday 9:30​pmKulhavi 141​