​​​​​​Positional Processing is the first step of the interview process for RA and MA applicants. During the positional processing appointment, applicants will meet many of the Residence Hall Directors from across campus.

It is an opportunity for RHDs to learn about applicants' skills and experiences in an efficient way and for applicants to determine what halls or areas of campus might be a good fit.

Positional processing is mandatory for applicants regardless of which position or area of campus you are interested in working.  Please note that you only need to attend one Positional Processing appointment, even if you apply for both positions.​

One hour appointments will be available throughout the day on Thursday, January 25 and Friday, January 26, 2018​ in the Towers.   Space is limited at each. Check-in for Positional Processing will take place at Kulhavi front desk 15 minutes before the scheduled appointment.  Dress is professional.

A few reminders for your Positional Processing appointment:

  1. Please arrive 10-15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment.  Check-in is at the Kulhavi front desk.
  2. Positional Processing will take approximately one hour.  During your time with us, you will rotate through 4-minute interviews with half of our RHD staff.
  3. Once you have completed the interview rotation, you will be given a preference form.  The preference form will give you the opportunity to tell us which interview groups you would like to be considered by for final interviews. 
  4. This is part of the interview process, so please dress appropriately.
  5. As a courtesy for others who have allergies to fragrance, please refrain from using any perfume, cologne, etc.

Positional Processing is also a time for candidates to ask questions of RHDs.  Check out this list of Questions to ask RHDs.

Please sign up for ONE Positional Processing appointment.  We can take no more than 20 candidates per time slot.   If you have questions or need to change times later, please call the Towers Student Success Center at 989-774-6601 or via email at r​hleader@cmich.edu. ​ ​

Online scheduling for Positional Processing has closed.  Please call the Towers Student Success Center M-F between 8am - 5pm to get scheduled.  Available appointment times are limited, so call ASAP - 989-774-6601.