Here are sample questions that candidates can ask the Residence Hall Directors during the selection process. We want candidates to learn more about each hall and position. It will also allow RHDs to learn more about the candidates by the type of questions that are asked and the dialogue that develops as part of the process. You are not limited to these questions. Feel free to ask any questions that are important to you.  You may also refer to the document of sample questions listed on the Positional Processing page. 

  • Diversity:
    How do you define multiculturalism/diversity?
  • Community Agreements:
    How do you develop community in your building?
  • Hall Demographics:
    What are the ages, academic focus, environment, etc. of your building?
    What challenges are specific to your hall?
  • Staff:
    What qualities do you look for in a staff member?
    How do you support staff as students, role models, etc.?
  • Counseling/Discipline:
    What would be the typical mental health scenario in your hall?
    Does your hall have a lot of discipline situations?
    What is your philosophy on discipline?
  • Job Responsibilities:
    What do you believe is the main role of the MA position? RA position?
    How many students would I be responsible for on my floor/area?
    What expectations do you have for a staff member?
  • Training:
    What does staff training consist of?
  • Supervising:
    What kind of contact do you have with your ​staff?
    What types of decisions do you as RHD allow your RAs and MAs to make?