Office of Residence Life Mission Statement

The Office of Residence Life is committed to providing residents a comfortable, educational, diverse, and caring community where academic success, personal growth, and social responsibility are valued.

I. GENERAL STATEMENT OF DUTIES: The Residence Hall Director is a full-time, professional, 9.5 month, live-in position, with a primary responsibility for the students and operation of a single residence hall housing 200-410 residents.  Duties include direct supervision of 6-10 paraprofessional staff, 24-hour desk operation with approximately 15-30 student staff, advising a hall council (as applicable), and ancillary duties as assigned.

  • Summer employment opportunities are available.  Hall Directors are provided 12-month housing if returning the following year.

Reporting Structure: The Residence Hall Director reports directly to the Assistant Director of Residence Life and indirectly to the other Assistant Directors, the Associate Director, and Director of Residence Life.

Minimum Qualifications:  Bachelor’s degree and prior residence life experience required.  Experience in a professional residence life capacity desired.  Master’s degree is preferred.


A.    Administrative

  • Computer proficient, including: web-based programs, Microsoft Office, and e-mail as a significant mode of communication/documentation.
  • Develop and utilize hall opening/closing procedures.
  • Maintain occupancy/roster and maintain key control/inventory.
  • Attend meetings, including but not limited to: weekly professional staff, area, committee, paraprofessional one-on-ones, desk general/manager meetings, and Hall Council President and Treasurer one-on-ones.
  • Serve on Residence Life committees.
  • Maintain administrative and informational records.
  • Supervise 24-hour desk operation when hall is opened for business; be responsible for safe monies.
  • On-call/on-duty responsibilities as required – supervise 24-hour coverage of building(s).
  • Fiscally responsible for hall operational and social accounts.
  • Other reports and duties as assigned.

B.    Staff Supervision

  • Interview, select, train, supervise, and evaluate Resident Assistants, Multicultural Advisor and desk staff, as needed.
  • Incorporate our community standards philosophy into staff operations.
  • Supervise staff with regard to the daily and long-term operation of the hall.
  • Utilize departmental resources for staff development and training, including but not limited to the RA/MA Resource Center and survey results.
  • Provide guidance on University policies and procedures.

C.    Community Building and Education

  • Building Community
    • Work with students in developing floor/building communities conducive for high academic achievement.
    • Educate staff and students to self-enforce policies and respect the rights of others through community standards.
    • Work to engage members of the faculty and academic programs in collaborative ways to enhance the critical thinking, analytic reasoning and writing of all students.
  • Programming
    • Establish a strong, positive learning environment within the Residence Halls and the University community.
    • Assist staff and Hall Council in development of sound programs utilizing our PASSAGES programming model and Community Builder & Program Registry to assess student needs, set goals, and implement/evaluate community-based programs.  The PASSAGES philosophy consists of Personal/Academic-Initiatives​/Self-Awareness/Seasonal/Acceptance/Growth/Emotional/Send-Off theme months.   
    • Provide leadership in developing programs directly related to underrepresented and diverse students.
  • Hall Council
    • Actively advise Hall Council and Executive Board.
    • Provide training and resource information to staff and Hall Council leaders (Executive Board) in program development and implementation.
    • Attend all Hall Council meetings, providing direction and information on University policies and procedures.
    • Encourage maximum participation of residents in Hall Council meetings and hall programs.

D.    Student Development

  • Serve as a partner in the student’s total development, by working closely with: Academic Advising and Assistance, Career Services, Counseling Center, Counselors in Residence, Student Activities and Involvement, and other offices as warranted.
  • Make academic advising a regular and integral part of interaction with students.
  • Educate staff and students to recognize, respect, accept and appreciate individual rights and differences in people and ideas.
  • Facilitate leadership opportunities and support all students in leadership development, specifically leadership events sponsored by Residence Life.
  • Utilize the discipline process to serve as an educational tool.
  • Interpret Map-Works results, conduct follow-up meetings with students who have completed Map-Works, make appropriate referrals and document and directed.
  • Encourage integrity, service, and civic engagement by staff and students, using CHARACTER COUNTS!, the Social Change Model of Leadership Development, or other Models.
  • Serve as a recruiter for potential students and aid in retention of current.

E.    Counseling/Discipline

  • Follow up on all major discipline in an educational and timely manner with appropriate documentation: conduct discipline meetings, initiate discipline letters and referrals.
  • Refer all counseling concerns to appropriate resources and maintain thorough documentation.
  • Work collaboratively with the Office of Student Conduct and Student Affaors.
  • Utilize the Counselor in Residence with staff members and as a resource and referral.
  • Complete behavior statements, parental notifications, and Student Support Meetings as appropriate.
  • Engage supporting family members in creating success for students.​  

F.    Health and Safety

  • Provide crisis management support and intervention, which may be required on weekends, at night, etc. While a weekend duty schedule is utilized, RHDs who are available are expected to respond as necessary.
  • Develop a hall security program and coordinate emergency procedures, i.e., power outage, recruit/train fire marshals and conduct drills, medical emergencies, bomb threats, etc.  Inform residents on emergency procedures.
  • Maintain appropriate communication with CMU Police.

G.    Facilities Management

  • Communicate with Building Maintenance Worker (BMW) and immediate supervisor on building needs and preventive maintenance projects.
  • Initiate/Generate service requisitions for facility needs not covered by the BMW.
  • Monitor all public area facilities, utilizing a damage control board/hall improvement committee as necessary.
  • Maintain positive working relationship with custodians and other Facilities Management personnel.
  • Coordinate and supervise proper usage of residential restaurants when used for programs and activities.
  • Monitor fitness/computer equipment.

H.    Continuous Improvement

  • Utilize benchmarking surveys to lead evidence-based enhancements in the development of community, programming, facilities, wellness and support services for students, the department and self.
  • Support department, division and university strategic planning initiatives.

While performing staff supervision, community building and education, health and safety and facilities management duties of this position, the employee is required to access all floors and public areas of the residence hall building on a weekly basis and periodically access floors and public areas of the other residence hall buildings in the residence hall complex as well as other buildings and locations on campus.  Reasons for floor and building access may include but are not limited to facility and safety inspections, emergency response, student policy violations and safety concerns, staff member observation, and availability and outreach to residents. In instances of emergencies, the RHD must be able to respond in a timely manner appropriate to the situation.  The employee must also be able to do exterior building inspections twice per semester or when buildings are closed for breaks.  The employee is frequently required to utilize the computer and phone.

Individuals must perform the essential functions of this job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions. 

CMU, an AA/EO institution, is strongly and actively committed to increasing diversity within its community
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