What Residence Hall Directors Say

​I enjoy being part of the Residence Life team because of the positive impact I can have on CMU’s students. Guided by the priorities and support of our department’s leadership, we are constantly evolving to give students a cutting-edge environment to learn and grow. By doing so, I am proud to say our department follows through in making sure students enjoy their on-campus experience and feel they can call their residence hall their home away from home.

- Bo Parker, RHD since 2011, BA 2008 - Central Michigan University, MA 2011 - CMU

I enjoy working for Residence Life because of the opportunities they provide to grow as a person and a professional, as well as their tremendous support of having a family in the residence hall. Additionally, the department is very open to new ideas and is cutting edge with unique responsibilities such as academic advising, college student inventories and conferencing opportunities.

-Luanne Goffnett, RHD since 1991, BS, Grand Valley State University, MA 1995 CMU

Working as a part of the Central Michigan University Residence Life staff has been an incredible experience and has given me the ability to have a positive impact on student on a daily basis. This position has provided me with great opportunities for both personal and professional development. We work very closely with a variety of offices across campus and are given the opportunity to get involved in the campus community.  Alongside providing professionals in the department with great opportunities for development, Residence Life at CMU is very student focused and I am grateful for the opportunity to work as a part of this department that strives to provide a first class experience for our residents and student leaders.

-Adam Isley, RHD since 2013, BA, Davenport University, MA 2013 Kansas State University

When RHD exit interviews have been conducted, they shared the following responses when asked "What do you see as department strengths?"

  • Recognition
  • Support
  • Following up (ADs returning calls and emails)
  • People
  • Flexibility to make position what you want
  • Pretty catering for individual growth
  • We get RHD input
  • Walk talk with diversity (training, programs)
  • Department does care about students
  • Counselor in Residence support and focus
  • Support of ADs on certain issues
  • Seamless relationships with offices
  • Autonomy
  • Documentation
  • Family atmosphere-anyone would do anything for each other
  • Opportunities because of good relations with other office
  • Focus on what´s best for the students (not necessarily parental)
  • Up to date feedback and resources
  • Different personalities of RHDs together meet students' needs-diversity and knowledge of staff
  • People here because they want to be
  • People want to stay because they like it
  • Protocols and responsibility to responsibility issues
  • Visionary and forward thinking
  • Good personal and professional communities