​Free Agents are candidates who have gone through the selection process and been determined as hirable by at least one RHD/RD.   Free Agents are required to demonstrate potential and actively display their continued interest in the position by their attendance at/involvement in New Staff Orientation as well as ongoing mentoring by an RHD/RD.  Even though Free Agents are not guaranteed a position should a vacancy occur, they will receive priority consideration by the building(s) that identified them as a Free Agent and may ultimately be considered by other RHD/RDs when their building(s)' Free Agent list has been exhausted.  

There are often known January/spring semester vacancies due to staff members graduating, leaving to study abroad or have an internship.   Position offers to fill these vacancies are generally made by the end of October.  Unanticipated vacancies will be filled as they occur through December of that year. 

Academics and positive role modeling are top priorities for Residence Life paraprofessional staff and those aspiring for those positions.  Free Agents are expected to meet eligibility requirements for the position (see position descriptions) and be free of any policy or legal violations to remain eligible for consideration.