1. Are you willing to take on a 24-hour per day responsibility?
  2. Are you willing to share yourself almost 100% of the time?
  3. Will your current study habits allow you to balance your academics with an Resident Assistant/Inclusion Assistant job?
  4. Could you go periods of time without seeing your family and/or significant other?
  5. Do you feel you could approach a resident on his or her drinking problem?
  6. Could you feel comfortable dealing with a resident with a different sexual orientation than you?
  7. Are you able to express disappointment in a positive manner?
  8. Can you accept the fact that not everyone will want to be involved in your floor/hall activities?
  9. Could you handle the fact that not everyone will like you?
  10. Can you remain objective and fair when dealing with a disciplinary problem on your floor/with in the hall involving friends?
  11. Do you think that you can be a good role model, even when you are off-campus, or away from the hall in the presence of your residents?
  12. Do you feel comfortable with interpreting Residence Hall policies?
  13. Are you an easy person to get to know and talk to?
  14. Are you an initiator?
  15. Can you get involved with student concerns and be able to refer them to someone else when the situation is beyond the scope of your responsibility?
  16. Are you able to react and express yourself clearly in a tense situation?
  17. Do you know the limits of confidentiality?
  18. Do you know when someone is asking for help but is not directly verbalizing their need?
  19. Is self-satisfaction of doing a good job enough for you?
  20. Is there such a thing as caring too much for the people on your floor/in the building?
  21. Do you have an effective release of tension?
  22. Do you think it is important to allow yourself moments of privacy?
  23. When faced with criticism, are you flexible?
  24. Do you project a positive self-image?
  25. Can you feel comfortable writing reports about activities and situations on the floor/in the hall?
  26. If you are not yet 21, are you comfortable with the fact that you cannot drink alcohol? If you are 21 or over, are you comfortable with the fact that certain restrictions will be placed on your drinking behavior?

If you answered 20 of the above questions with a “yes”, you have a good general idea and understanding of the time and energy required in the Resident Assistant/Inclusion Assistant position

If you answered less than 20 questions with a “yes”, we suggest you discuss the requirements of the Resident Assistant/Inclusion Assistant position further with a Hall Director.