Please review all of the information on this page before submitting an application - links for both positions can be found at the bottom.

Process for Fall 2020 Positions

Applications are due by 12midnight, January 17, 2020.

Application Tips - Make the best first impression by following these guidelines:

  • Review the application before completing it.
  • Answer all parts of each question. Be thorough and give examples, but try not to duplicate information.
  • Be aware of things you are indicating on your application. During your interview, you may be asked to elaborate on your experiences.
  • Follow the directions carefully and report accurate information.
  • Check for spelling and grammatical errors.
  • Please contact your listed references to ask permission to use them as references.
  • Have someone proofread your application to make sure it clearly represents your strengths and your interest in the position(s) for which you are applying.
  • Only submit the application (s) once you have proofread and reviewed your application thoroughly.
  • NOTE: There are no additional documents that need to be attached.  Please skip that section of the online application.

After the application (s) is/are submitted, the selection process for Resident Assistant and Inclusion Assistant candidates includes the following:

  • Positional processing, where candidates meet with at least one RHD/RD from each interview group.
  • Candidate and RHD/RDs will indicate preferences for candidates and final interviews. 
  • Individual final interviews between the candidate and RHDs in the interview group.
  • Candidates will submit an online form indicating their interest in working in the buildings/communities where they had a final interview.  The link is provided with the invitation to schedule final interviews.
  • After interviews are finished, RHDs will make placement decisions for both Inclusion Assistants and Resident Assistants.  This is made on a building basis, not by interview group.
  • All candidates participating in a final interview will receive a follow-up email from Residence Life.  Email notices will fall into one of three types:  1. offer to be an Inclusion Assistant or Resident Assistant including the building/placement, 2. offer to be a free agent for either or both Inclusion Assistant or Resident Assistant, and 3. notification that they will no longer be considered for position(s).  
  • Regardless of final outcome, all candidates are encouraged to request feedback.

All offers made at this time and at any time in the future will be made contingent upon the successful completion of a background check.

The Assistant Directors of Residence Life retain the right to approve all decisions.

Candidates With Internships/Study Abroad Programs Spring 2020​:

Students in this situation will need to apply by noon on November 21, 2019​. Interviews will​ be conducted before the end of finals week. Students will know early in the spring semester whether they will continue to be considered for Fall positions. Final​ hire and status ​decisions will not be made until prior to spring break.

Candidates Interested in Spring 2020 Immediate Hire Vacancies​:

There are sometimes vacancies for the spring semester that do not get filled by the Free Agent pool.  Students who are already sophomore status are eligible for Spring 2020 vacancies.  Anyone interested in being considered for spring vacancies is encouraged to apply by noon on November 21, 2019.

Applications will reopen on November 4, 2019 for 2020 positions.

"CMU, an AA/EO institution, strongly and actively strives to increase diversity within its community." (see​). Individuals with disabilities requiring an accommodation to participate in our selection process should call 989-​774-6601.