The CMU Police Department serves and protects members of the campus community 24 hours per day, seven days a week. The police officers are certified by the State of Michigan and have full arrest and police powers.

To help make police officers more accessible to students, the CMU Police Department and the Office of Residence Life created a partnership and established two community police officers. The community policing officers spend time meeting the residents as well as presenting educational programs on a variety of topics. The officers handle calls for police service while on duty, and conducts criminal investigations when needed.

Community policing is a collaborative effort to identify and address crime and disorder problems, and enhance the quality of life. The CMU Police Department has a department wide commitment to community policing. Other officers within the department have partnered up with residence halls, university apartments, student groups, and athletic teams. Everyone works to build a strong relationship with the university community, and to break down barriers that may exist. The community police officers work very closely with students and residence hall staff to maintain a safe and secure environment.