Safety and security are important issues within the residence hall community. Each resident must be aware of and abide by safety and security regulations to protect him or herself and others. In all emergency situations, you can receive assistance from the CMU Police Department (911 or 3081) and from the residence hall staff.

Although our campus is generally a safe place to live and go to school, there are some steps you can take to ensure your safety and the safety of the other people sharing your residence hall community. They include:

  1. Keep your room door locked. This is especially important when you are asleep or when you are going down the hall for a couple minutes.
  2. Never prop open an outside door. Propping open doors allows people who aren´t supposed to be in the hall access to your room and everyone else´s in the hall.
  3. Don´t keep your ID with your keys. Those key chains with ID holders are a convenient way to carry your things, but if you lose your keys, you lose your ID. Whoever finds them knows where you live.
  4. Report missing keys immediately. Facilities Management personnel will change the lock as soon as they can, which ensures you and your property remain safe.
  5. Avoid phone scams. Some people will try to offer you great deals over the phone, but they are only trying to get information from you. Don´t give out any credit card numbers, your address, or any other personal information to anyone calling you on the phone. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
  6. Leave immediately when a fire alarm sounds. Even though fire drills do occur in residence halls, don´t assume the fire alarm is a false alarm. When you hear the fire alarm, leave the building. It´s a good idea, and it´s the law.
  7. Don´t tamper with fire equipment. Tampering with smoke detectors, fire extinguishers or fire alarm pull stations puts everyone in the hall in great danger.
  8. Report any suspicious persons or unescorted guests to the hall staff or the CMU Police (3081) immediately.