What is a Student Success Center?

A Student Success Center is just that - a center where student services professionals work as a team to help residents become successful students. An academic advisor and a Care Advocate are available in each residence hall area. In addition, each Residence Hall Director is trained in academic advising. A community police officer is also available in the Towers and East communities, while all residential areas have police liasions.

We encourage each student to utilize the services of the Student Success Centers. Our professional staff members are well trained to help you in your personal, social, and academic development. Please take advantage of these experts!

Success Centers

Saxe-Herrig-Celani lobby 989-774-3942

Calkins-Trout breezeway - 989-774-3947

Merrill-Sweeney breezeway - 989-774-3089

Kesseler lobby 989-774-6601