​There are two​ staff assistants within the Leadership Safari organization.  These positions, along with the graduate assistants, are the only paid positions on staff. 

The Staff Assistants are a full year, paid position.  This position begins in September and ends in September.  They are an active member of the office staff along with: the Associate Director, Assistant Director and Graduate Assistants.  There will be some shared tasks within the office as well as some individualized responsibilities.  The minimum GPA requirement for this position is a 3.00.  This job entails many different aspects of the staff training process including, but not limited to: 

    • Planning, developing and enhancing spring and fall training for Core Guides, Guides, CTeam and Runner.
    • Enhancing and growing upon the current training process.
    • Developing staff members into sound facilitators by providing them with unlimited resources.
    • Improving upon staff members’ ability to debrief effectively to many different/diverse audiences.
    • Working in cohesion with the Graduate Assistant to develop trainings that will allow for accurate and effective evaluation of perspective staff members.
    • Being available to staff members through office hours via phone and email communication.
    • Educating Core Staff on how to use and utilize technological equipment provided
    • Preparing staff for many different situations that may arise during the conference, including but not limited to, emergency situations, logistical situations, last minute changes, participant interaction, and any unforeseen circumstances.
    • Researching, communicating with, and booking speakers.
    • Reserving rooms and maintaining a room reservation book.
    • Reviewing speaker contracts and riders.
    • Communicating with and coordinating with University Events/Events and Conference Services.
    • Developing, coordinating and maintaining a conference schedule.
    • Communicating and working with catering to plan meals for training and Leadership Safari.
    • Working directly with the Associate Director to oversee participant registration activity.
    • Assisting with advertisement and publicity of the program.
    • Coordinating and assisting with the check-in process.
    • Preparing and maintaining all logistical procedures as needed.
    • Improving upon current special events and developing more where needed i.e. Traditions, Excursions, and Community Service.
    • Helping design and find staff and participant swag.​
    • Attending professional development conference(s) where appropriate and available.
    • Attending weekly office meetings with the Associate Director, Assistant Director, Graduate Assistants, and fellow Staff Assistant to keep open communication and awareness of what everyone is working on.
​To Apply:
Applications are no longer available. If you have questions, please email the Leadership Safari account at safari@cmich.edu.

TBA  Applications will be available via the application portal in August, 2017.