Information for Family Members

Due to the nature of the program and its intense focus on team building activities, participants cannot be released early from activities. Please do not plan on removing a participant from any scheduled activities for any reason other than emergencies. You may be asked to provide proof of such emergencies to avoid being charged $400. Your understanding is greatly appreciated in this matter.

My student is ill and can’t go to activities, what do I do?

Your student needs to immediately contact their Residence Hall Director (RHD), Safari Guide, Resident Assistant (RA), Multicultural Advisor (MA) or the Safari Director for consultation. Depending on the severity of the illness, we will evaluate the situation accordingly. 

Who do I call if there has been a family emergency and I can’t get a hold of my student?

Immediately call the Leadership Safari Director at (989) 621-1155. This is the emergency cell phone. If a person does not answer, leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We will then locate your student as soon as possible and have them get in touch with you.

What happens when my student calls and is homesick?

Homesickness is very common for students away from home for the first time. There are many activities going on during Safari that are aimed at keeping your student busy and their mind off missing their family and friends. Be reassuring, encouraging and supportive. Use your best judgment in evaluating their wants vs. their need to come home before the end of the program. 

Remember, your student is not the only participant at Leadership Safari that is feeling homesick. If you are worried about your student, call your student’s Residence Hall Director (RHD), Resident Assistant (RA), Multicultural Advisor (MA), or the Leadership Safari Director and we will be happy to look in on your student.

When will I have to pay the conference registration fee?

The $125 registration fee will be assessed to your student’s CMU account. You will see these charges appear on the August statement, which will coincide with the financial aid refund process.

My student’s birthday falls during the Leadership Safari schedule. Is there something special we can do for our student?

If you would like to do something fun for your student, we would be more than happy to help recognize them during the conference, or even help you surprise your student. Please call the Leadership Safari office at (989) 774-1548 to discuss your options!

If my student has to leave the conference early, what do I need to do?

Your student needs to be in contact with both their Leadership Safari Guide and the Leadership Safari Director, Dr. Dani Hiar. 

My student is a band member, what does that mean for Leadership Safari?

Due to the intense band camp schedule, your student will not be able to attend Leadership Safari. You will need to ensure that your student logs on to the Leadership Safari website and cancels their reservation prior to the deadline. As much as we’d like to have your student do both activities, it’s a lot to ask of them so early in the semester. It’s best to focus on one activity at a time.

I need to make appointments for my student for medical or other things, can I make them during Safari?

No. Please do not make plans to take your student out of the program early for any reason other than an emergency. You will actually have a lot more flexibility for appointments from Thursday through Sunday. 

What happens after Leadership Safari ends?

Leadership Safari begins Saturday, August 19th and ends Wednesday, August 23rd. Universal campus move-in begins on Thursday, August 24th. Thursday, August 24th through Saturday, August 26th, your student will be required to attend mandatory Campus and Community Life Orientation sessions. 

On Saturday, August 26th, CMU’s annual kick-off event, MAINstage, takes place later in the afternoon as an opportunity to get involved on campus, meet other students and listen to live entertainment. Classes begin on Monday, August 28th. Most students do not return home until the Labor Day Recess.