How Does Leadership Safari Work? 
Each conference participant will be assigned to a small group of approximately 10 students called the Safari team. This group is the center of all the action that takes place during the conference. A Safari guide, who is an upper-class, CMU student leader, facilitates each team. The guide will help participants tie together what they learn throughout the Leadership Safari program. Transfer students are placed in teams composed of all transfer students.

Throughout the conference, participants will engage in discussions and activities centered on a wide array of topics ranging from leadership to being an active and involved community member. In addition to team gatherings and activities, Safari hosts a showcase of nationally renowned speakers.

Participants can also look forward to other activities built to familiarize students with the Central Michigan University campus while maximizing meeting the most amount of people possible.​

Conference Purpose
The ultimate goal for Leadership Safari™ participants is that you walk away from the experience with these four items:

  1. An introduction to everything CMU
  2. An understanding of how to get involved on campus
  3. New ideas to help you with your leadership development
  4. A base of new people to use as a resource during the academic year
  5. Great time, fun memories and new friends!

The traits of an effective leader
CMU defines effective leadership in the following ways:

  1. Ability to communicate with a variety of audiences
  2. Ability to listen to all sides of an issue before making an informed decision
  3. Ability to build teams, empower others, and share responsibility
  4. Ability to try new ideas, encourage creativity and make leaders out of others
  5. Ability to accept responsibility when things go wrong
  6. Ability to spread the credit when things go right
  7. Ability to digest large amounts of information
  8. Ability to make important decisions in a timely manner
  9. Ability to “connect” with people
  10. Ability to maintain high standards of honesty and integrity
  11. Ability to treat others with respect and dignity
  12. Ability to recognize others

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