Safari 2015 Schedule of Events

This schedule is tentative and subject to change

Sat., August 22nd

10 am to 6 pm Leadership Safari
Conference Check-In​
​Bovee University Center
​9 am to 6 pm ​Residence Hall Move-In ​Various Halls
​7 pm to 8pm Activity: Welcome Home ​Various Locations
​8:30 pm ​Activity: TBA ​Large Sports Forum: SAC
​​10 pm ​Meet your team leaders ​Large Sports Forum: SAC
Sun., August 23rd
​8 am ​Continental Breakfast ​Robinson Residential Restaurant and Merrill Residential Restaurant
​9 am ​Activity: Leadership Safari Excursions ​Various Locations
​12 pm ​Area BBQ's ​Towers, Merrill and Robinson Areas
​2 pm Activity: Central Connections ​Bovee University Center
​5 pm ​Dinner ​Robinson Residential Restaurant and Merrill Residential Restaurant
​6 pm ​Safari Welcome and Kick-Off ​Finch Fieldhouse
​6:30 pm Speaker: David Coleman ​Finch Fieldhouse
​8:30 pm ​Safari group gathering #2
Mon., August 24th
​8 am ​Continental Breakfast ​Small Sports Forum: SAC
​9 am ​Speaker: Michael Miller ​Large Sports Forum: SAC
​11:30 am to 1 pm ​Lunch and group gathering #3 ​Circus Tent: Rose Ponds
​1:30 pm to 5 pm Activity: Leadership Challenge Course ​IAC
​5:30 pm ​Dinner ​Circus Tent: Rose Ponds
​6:30 pm ​Safari Group Gathering #4
​7pm to 9:30 pm ​Break
​9:30 pm Slam Poets: The Asia Project & Ebony ​Large Sports Forum: SAC
Tues., August 25th ​​
​​8 am ​Continental Breakfast ​Small Sports Forum: SAC
​9:30 am Speaker:  Ed Gerety ​Large Sports Forum: SAC
​11:30 am ​Lunch and group gathering #5 ​Circus Tent: Rose Ponds
​1:30 pm to 4 pm Activity: Community Service Project ​Various Locations
​4:30 pm ​Dinner with CMU professors & professionals ​Circus Tent: Rose Ponds
​6 pm to 9 pm ​Break
​9:30 pm Activity: Comedians Collin Moulton
& Jessica Kirson
​McGuirk Arena
Wed., August 26th
​8 am ​Continental Breakfast ​Finch Fieldhouse
​9 am to 12 pm Speakers: Leadership Choice Sessions ​Various Locations
​12:15 pm ​Lunch and group gathering #6 ​Circus Tent: Rose Ponds
​1:30 pm Activity: CMU Traditions ​Kelly/Shorts Stadium
​3:15 pm to 5 pm ​Break
​5:30 pm ​Dinner ​Large Sports Forum: SAC
​6:30 pm ​Safari Celebration ​Large Sports Forum: SAC
​7 pm to 8 pm Conference Keynote Speaker: TBA ​McGuirk Arena
​8 pm ​Final Group Gathering ​Various
​10 pm ​Closing Night Celebration ​Finch Fieldhouse
Sun., August 30th
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