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Position Description and Overview

Leadership Camp Facilitators lead prospective freshmen, including high school juniors and those finishing their senior year, through a multitude of leadership development activities. They are responsible for all small group activities as well as some large group presentations. They will learn to be an expert on the Social Change Model of Leadership Development and will present information and activities that help familiarize incoming students with the model and CMU.

Responsibilities of this volunteer role also include implementing, encouraging, and supporting the development of a community spirit within the facilitator's group and floor through the use of community standards; being a positive role model and resource for incoming freshman; responding to student's personal issues, needs, and concerns as well as the group's through listening, understanding, flexibility and an open-mind. During camp sessions, facilitators will assume live-in responsibility according to the camp schedule and will remain with camp at all times. Facilitators are also responsible for knowing, adhering, communicating, and enforcing the rules and regulations pertaining to student behavior within the residence​ halls and communicating them to camp participants.

Facilitators posing at a piano.Requirements include: minimum 2.5 cumulative gpa. and at least 40 credit hours at the time of application; attendance at all scheduled training sessions and all camp sessions; must not be on any university probation. Undergraduate status preferred.

The Facilitator Appli​cation​ for Leadership Camp 2019

Facilitator Recruitment & Selection Timeline Leadership Camp 2019

Applications are due on February 8th by 5:00pm.  Positions will be announced in early March.

Attendance at all training sessions is required: (class conflicts can be worked around)

Friday, March 15th: 4-8pm 

Friday, March 22nd:  4-8pm

Friday, April 12th: 4-8pm

Friday , April 26th: 4-8pm

Monday, May 6th: 1-10pm
Tuesday - Friday 7th - 10th: 10am-10pm
Camp 1: Sunday-Tuesday, May 12th-14th

Thursday, May 16th  Camp 2 Prep: 10am-10pm

Camp 2: Friday-Sunday, May 17th-19th

The Mission of Leadership Camp is to help participants explore the social change model of leadership development in a fun and interactive way, engaging them in a collaborative change process, that benefits CMU and the broader community.  Camp will enhance participants' understanding of themselves as individuals and how they contribute to a more effective group that works on behalf of society. 

Facilitator Frequently Asked Questionspartner 2.jpg

When is Leadershi​p Camp?Leadership Camp 2019 will take place May 12th-14th and May 17th-19th.

What kind of training is required for Leadership Camp?There will be a 4-hour orientation for new staff, 3 additional 4-hour trainings for our entire staff in the spring, and a week of all-day training. Alternates are required to attend the orientation and spring training sessions to maintain their eligibility.

What if I have to miss training? Academic conflicts are the only acceptable reason for March/April training absences. However, all of the May training and  prep days must be attended. Emergencies and professional conflicts are handled on a case-by-case basis should they arise. Any potential missed training sessions must be cleared in advance by Leadership Camp Coordinator(s).  Those facilitators who have an excused absence will attend a make up training with the Coordinator(s).

Where do I live during Leadership Camp?Leadership Camp facilitators are provided with room and board during the May Leadership Camp training and during camp itself, so long as the Residential Restaurants are operating.

Do I have to be a Residence Life​ staff member to be a facilitator?No. While Leadership Camp is sponsored by Residence Life, we encourage students involved in all aspects of campus life to apply to be facilitators.

How many credits are required to apply for Leadership Camp?40 credits must be earned at the time of your application (February 7th, 2019). Applicants must also have at least a​ 2.50 cumulative GPA.​

What do prior facilitators say about their experience?

"Being a facilitator for L. Camp has changed by life, I met so many new people who I can call my family. Camp and all the other facilitators have made me look at life and leadership in a whole new way. "

"Leadership Camp has provided me with a safe and brave space to be myself authentically as I continue to grow and develop as a leader. I have spent time as a camper as well as a facilitator and love having the chance to continue making a difference in this world. Camp generously gives a network of like-minded individuals who become a family of support at CMU. Lifelong friends and connections have been made within camp, and I am so thankful to be a part of this life-changing experience."

"L Camp wasn't just a fun, educational experience, it was also a life changing experience. Being a L Camp facilitator taught me so much about myself and what's important to me. Before L Camp, I felt like I was at a standstill in leadership and I didn't know where to go next. Before the two weeks were up, that changed for me. It opened up a brand new door, and I could not be more thankful for the opportunities that L Camp has given me."

"Leadership camp has impacted my life in a way that is far too great for words- but I can try my best. The experience of being a facilitator is rewarding not only because you get to make an impact on campers and future students, but also because you learn so much about yourself and how you as an individual can make change within society. It is an opportunity I would not trade for the world."

"LCamp has completely shaped the person I am today. Being a facilitator has given me my best friends, a global perspective, and the ability to empathize when the world and its people are hurting. I have never felt so in tune with my emotions and the needs of others. LCamp has inspired me to use my skills, resources, and privilege to be an active citizen in my community. Although it is sometimes difficult to see, the world is a beautiful place and being a facilitator has opened my eyes to that."

The Facilitator Appli​cation​ for Leadership Camp 2019