Camp participants doing an activity.

Look at what some of the past participants from Leadership Camp had to say!

Jessika Brown, Martin, MI

L-Camp was fantastic. If you are unsure if you want to get involved on campus or are even a little interested with being involved, LCamp will spark your interest. You meet great people and learn so much about yourself!

De'era Collins, Waterford, MI

In my honest opinion, this program has had the best influence on me and has changed the way I look at the word “leadership”.​

Sarah Bleecker, Canton, MI

This was a great opportunity to let go of my inhibitions and truly work hard to become a better leader in my personal life, my group life and my life in the greater society.

Ja’Tayzha Stitt, Flint, MI

Trust me...when coming to LCamp you will definitely have a different mindset leaving than you have coming in.  You meet awesome facilitators, begin long term friendships and mostly learn how to become a great leader!  I wish this lasted longer,​ but no worries because I’ll be back in the fall!!  

Andrew, Perry, MI

​LCamp was an amazing two and a half days! I didn’t want to leave. I learned so much about leadership and especially about collaboration.  Everyone should participate in LCamp!

Scott Rlozin, Shelby Twp., MI

It was awesome. I changed so much for the better. I'm so glad I came!!

Anna Bruce, Ft. Mitchell, KY 

Leadership Camp was very well developed, thought out, and organized.  Everyone was very helpful, insightful, and supportive.  I am very glad I decided to come to camp.  I feel well prepared for next fall at CMU.

Sarah Gentz, Kalamazoo, MI - LCamp showed me that anyone no matter who you are or where you’re from can me the one to make a change, and that no matter how big or small the change is, it makes a big difference in the end.

Mandy Cebelak, Grand Ledge, MI

Before Leadership Camp, I considered myself a leader but did not always know what it meant. After leadership camp, I understood what it meant to be a good leader and I learned how to be a better leader and person.

Emma Vincent, Farmington Hills, MI

I was nervous coming into LCamp but I felt welcome the minute I stepped in the doors.  Everyone, the facilitators and campers, were so friendly and accepting.  I have learned so mush about my self and leadership in two fun filled days. I’m so glad I came.  I gained confidence in myself and I made friends for a lifetime too!  I feel prepared to come to CMU in the fall!  Thank You!

Courtney Carr, Perry,  MI

I think new students should know that this experience is life changing, and I made a ton of new friends that I know I can trust. LCamp has made me realize who I actually want to be and I am more than glad I attended.

Alexa Shaw, Grand Blanc, MI

Through Leadership Camp, I have learned the skills to be a great leader and make a Social Change.  Also, I have made amazing friends to start my first year and CMU off right!

Elyssa Dobias, Allegan, MI

Before coming to LCamp I was extremely scared to come to college.  I was afraid that I would become just another number on this large campus.  After going through this Leadership Camp I know that this is not the case.  I learned and I now know that I have the ability to make a change and impact through out this community and everywhere.  I know that I have the power within myself for my voice to be heard and it’s thanks to LCamp!​

Gabrielle Stuart, Gaylord, MI

Leadership Camp helped me to grow as a person. I learned so much about myself and those around me.  The best part was my group, we all were able to truly accept one another and became a family. 



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