Look at what some of the past participants from Leadership Camp had to say!

Jessika Brown, Martin, MI

L-Camp was fantastic. If you are unsure if you want to get involved on campus or are even a little interested with being involved, LCamp will spark your interest. You meet great people and learn so much about yourself!

Sarah Bleecker, Canton, MI

This was a great opportunity to let go of my inhibitions and truly work hard to become a better leader in my personal life, my group life and my life in the greater society.

Ja’Tayzha Stitt, Flint, MI

Trust me...when coming to LCamp you will definitely have a different mindset than you have coming in.  You meet awesome facilitator long term friendships and mostly how to become a great leader!  I wish this lasted lnger but no worries because I’ll be back in the fall!!  

Andrew, Perry, MI

LCamp was an amazing two and a half days! I didn’t want to leave. I learned so much about leadership and especially about collaboration.  Everyone should participate in LCamp!

Scott Rlozin, Shelby Twp., MI

It was awesome. I changed so much for the better. I'm so glad I came!!

Anna Bruce, Ft. Mitchell, KY 

Leadership Camp was very well developed, thought out, and organized.  Everyone was very helpful, insightful, and supportive.  I am very glad I decided to come to camp.  I feel well prepared for next fall at CMU.

Sarah Gentz, Kalamazoo, MI - LCamp showed me that anyone no matter who you are or where you’re from can me the one to make a change, and that no matter how big or small the change is, it makes a big difference in the end.

Mandy Cebelak, Grand Ledge, MI

Before Leadership Camp, I considered myself a leader but did not always know what it meant. After leadership camp, I understood what it meant to be a good leader and I learned how to be a better leader and person.

Emma Vincent, Farmington Hills, MI

I was nervous coming into LCamp but I felt welcome the minute I stepped in the doors.  Everyone, the facilitators and campers, were so friendly and accepting.  I have learned so mush about my self and leadership in two fun filled days. I’m so glad I came.  I gained confidence in myself and I made friends for a lifetime too!  I feel prepared to come to CMU in the fall!  Thank You!

Courtney Carr, Perry,  MI

I think new students should know that this experience is life changing, and I made a ton of new friends that I know I can trust. LCamp has made me realize who I actually want to be and I am more than glad I attended.

Alexa Shaw, Grand Blanc, MI

Through Leadership Camp, I have learned the skills to be a great leader and make a Social Change.  Also, I have made amazing friends to start my first year and CMU off right!

Elyssa Dobias, Allegan, MI

Before coming to LCamp I was extremely scared to come to college.  I was afraid that I would become just another number on this large campus.  After going through this Leadership Camp I know that this is not the case.  I learned and I now know that I have the ability to make a change and impact through out this community and everywhere.  I know that I have the power within myself for my voice to be heard and it’s thanks to LCamp!​

Gabrielle Stuart, Gaylord, MI

Leadership Camp helped me to grow as a person. I learned so much about myself and those around me.  The best part was my group, we all were able to truly accept one another and became a family. 



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