Key Leader Training - work session. 

​CMU Hall Councils exist as governing units within the halls. The Council is a place where residents have a voice in the policies of the hall. Through their reserved powers of establishing quiet hours for the building, setting hours during which solicitation is permitted, and controlling any expenditures from the hall social account, residents of the building have a true and powerful voice in the hall's administration. Resulting from this voice is a sense of ownership in the hall. Achieving this feeling of ownership is an essential component of developing a sense of community. In addition, these rights reserve for the residents an opportunity to dictate some of the primary elements of their community and to sculpt it to meet their own ideals and needs as students.

Community in residence halls is also greatly advantaged by programming efforts known as community builders. Residence hall councils provide opportunities for the community to develop through the planning and implementation of hall and campus activities. Student interests include community service endeavors, athletics, social events, musical programming, and other specialized events.  

Most hall councils meet on a weekly or bi-weekly basis with the executive boards meeting at least weekly.  Go here ​for this year's Hall Council Meeting Schedule.