Public Service

This is a residential program in partnership with the Volunteer Center for students interested in sharing their time, talents and experiences with others.

Basic Tenets of the program:

The students:

  • Open to first year students at CMU.
  • Students can be studying any major or minor.
  • If students elect to not participate in the PSRC program at anytime, they will be required to move out of the designated area.

The program requirements include:

  • Living in the 3rd floor suites of Barnes Hall
  • Registration with Volunteer Central
  • Participation in an orientation program at the beginning of the academic year.
  • Participation in leadership conferences on and off campus.
  • Participation in PSRC social and service events.
  • Enrollment in a 1-credit course with other PSRC students during both fall and spring semesters.
  • Willingness to complete a background check through the Michigan State Police.

The Students would receive the following benefits:

  • Shared peer experience to ease in the transition to college, to build mutual respect and to provide a cooperative spirit among students
  • Special support services provided during their first year in the form of personalized attention from course instructor/mentor, Volunteer Center staff, and Residence Life staff.
  • Opportunities to work with local charities addressing social issues such as poverty, hunger, education, health and conservation.
  • An opportunity to plan a service project with peer assistance and staff guidance.
  • An opportunity to apply for mini-grants to assist in volunteer projects through the CMU Volunteer Center.


From PSRC members:

"I made a lot of new friends easier than I thought I would because at the beginning PSRC was very close knit. Also doing some of the group stuff made me feel very proud."
"I am very passionate about PSRC. This helped me transition to CMU very well. It was like I had a                     family away from home. I made great friends that will hopefully be lifelong friends.                                
I will miss everyone this summer!"



For More Information:

  • Contact:
  • Click here for an application to the PSRC: (You must also apply separately for housing)
  • Visit the Volunteer Center website:
  • Check out our Youtube video!​