Sports Management Living Community

Saxe Residence Hall is proud to host the Sports Management Programs Theme Area. 

Sports Management Programs encompass such exciting career tracks as coaching, athletic department administration, personal training, physical therapy, sports information, sports marketing and many other athletic related fields.  Saxe Hall offers features that give students with a desire to work in athletics, the edge that they need to prepare for their careers. 

Saxe Hall is located across the street from CMU’s athletic campus and offers quick and easy access to facilities such as the Student Activity Center, Rose/Ryan Center, Indoor Athletic Complex and Kelly/Shorts Stadium.  Saxe also features access to the East Area Fitness Center.  The hall is also the home to CMU student-athletes from a variety of sports.  Living in the Sports Management Living Community will offer students the chance to interact and network with peers who share their interest and passion for careers in sports. 

For more information please contact: John Johnstin, Saxe Residence Hall Director, at 989-774-3231. ​​​