Welcome Home to Residence Life at Central Michigan University! As our mission statement proclaims - we are committed to providing residents a comfortable, educational, diverse, and caring community where academic success, personal growth, and social responsibility are valued. We work very hard to accomplish our mission in our 22 residence halls and three university apartment complexes.

Our priorities for the i​nclude:
  • Building a Just, Inclusive and Sustainable Community
  • Supporting the Making Achievement Possible survey (MAP-Works). A survey required of each new CMU student, to assist each person in determining strategies to support a successful transition to life and learning at CMU.
  • Supporting the Resident Satisfaction and Student Staff Surveys. These online surveys assist us in making sure we are providing students and staff with a living experience that supports them both personally and with their academic goals.
  • Addressing the Use and Misuse of Alcohol and Controlled Substances. As in any community comprised of young adults, we want to not only encourage students to be responsible but to take care of each other.
Here is to a rewarding, educational, friend-filled, and fun year!

Kathleen Gardner
Director of Residence Life

Our Mission:

The Office of Residence Life is committed to providing residents a comfortable, educational, diverse, and caring community where academic success, personal growth, and social responsibility are valued.

Our Vision:

To provide generations of college students a nationally recognized, cutting edge, living environment.

Our Goals:

Comfortable Community

  • To provide safe, clean, and comfortable facilities.
  • To make necessary repairs in a timely and skilled manner
  • To be nationally recognized as a premier provider of residence halls complete with suites and private baths.
  • To encourage and enhance respect for property.
  • To regularly review facility renovations, remodeling, code requirements, and capital projects.

Educational Community

  • To establish a strong, positive living and learning community that facilitates academic success.
  • To provide living and learning opportunities that complement the academic mission of the university.
  • To ensure that the residence hall experience is an integral part of the student’s overall educational program.
  • To bring student services to the students in the form of Student Success Centers.
  • To meet the changing technological needs of all residential students.

Diverse Community

  • To recognize, respect, accept, and appreciate individual rights and differences in people and ideas.
  • To encourage and enhance respect for others, while encouraging the development of each student’s unique cultural experience.
  • To explore, share, and celebrate all differences that lead to dynamic, educational, and interesting environments.

Caring Community

  • To develop communities that emphasize the acceptance of responsibility for personal and group decision making, mutual respect and concern, and a sense of cooperation and sharing.
  • To encourage integrity as well as social and civic responsibility.

Personal Growth and Social Responsibility

  • To encourage productive interaction and relationships among the hall residents.
  • To encourage residents to develop the personal skills and perspectives to become positive and productive members of society.
  • To encourage student participation in residence hall, university-wide and community activities and events.

Staff Responsibilities:

  • To serve as role models with a passion for residence hall living and student development.
  • To serve as examples of ethical, academic and professional behavior.
  • To offer effective and efficient administration.
  • To be responsive to the needs of students through consistent and timely information, open communication, and action.
  • To comply with sound fiscal management and fiscal responsibility.
  • To communicate department policies, procedures, and programs to students, parents, staff, and faculty.
  • To develop mutually supportive relationships with the university’s schools, colleges, and departments, such as our dynamic residential colleges: Health Professions, Science and Technology, Music, Business and Education and Human Services.
  • To regularly evaluate, assess, and improve the vitality, creativity, and quality of our programs and services.

We pledge to accomplish these tasks in a way that supports the mission of the institution and meets the ethical performance guidelines of the Association of College and University Housing Officers-International.