What is MAP-Works?

MAP-Works is an on-line survey taken by first-year students soon after they arrive at CMU. By taking the survey, students communicate their anxieties, questions, hopes, goals and plans for the college experience. Information from the survey provides a plan to support success during the first year of college. Using the survey results, CMU faculty and staff discuss strategies to best support the transition to college life, learning and the connections that encourage success.

We find that that the first six weeks of a student's time in college to be critical in forming connections and support and that is why we actively promote completion of MAP-Works and the personal meetings that follow to process the report and connect to caring campus professionals and resources.

MAP-Works was created by Educational Benchmarking, Inc. (EBI), a trusted partner to higher education. You can learn more about EBI by visiting their website at: 

Who will view the information that MAP-Works produces?

MAP-Works results are viewed by your student and a member of the CMU faculty/staff. No student staff members have access to the information. The group of professionals includes residence hall directors, academic advisors, counselors in residence, faculty, and professional staff associated with residential colleges. Your student has the option to remove their report from availability at any time.

Are the results safe and secure?

MAP-Works was built with secure web pages. The system maintains a set of stringent hierarchical permissions. These permissions are periodically reviewed by the Campus Coordinator to verify access is current and appropriate. The online system provides notices which conforms to Family Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) regulations.

Why does CMU place importance on this program?

At CMU, we value each student and believe that:

  • One of the most critical times to provide extra support to students is during the first six weeks of the first semester and continuing through the first college year.
  • Many students appreciate and benefit from special support services provided during the first year.
  • All students have the potential for academic success and personal development.
  • Central Michigan University faculty and staff members are eager to work collaboratively to meet the needs of students and support their academic success.Shared experiences build mutual respect and cooperative spirit among students.

Why should my first year student complete the MAP-Works survey?

Completing MAP-Works benefits your student by providing specific strategies to achieve success. This survey tool provides an opportunity for the student to slow down and think about how they are feeling about their new environment after a busy start to their college career. The survey helps each person realize that CMU cares about them and their success.

In addition, meeting with a CMU professional provides an opportunity for the student to receive personalized attention, which will create a higher likelihood that they will approach that person again for future support or encouragement. This winning combination provides a great opportunity for collegiate success for your first year student.

How does my first year student go about taking this survey?

During the second week of the academic semester, each first-year students receives an email with a link to complete the assessment. Students in FYE 101 and other high enrollment FY courses will receive the link as part of a course assignment. In addition, resident assistant and multicultural advisor staff will provide a written invitation with the necessary information to login should your student accidentally delete the email. Your student will simply go the website provided and enter their provided user name and password.

What happens after my student takes MAP-Works?

After completing the assessment, your first year student will have the opportunity to receive personalized guidance from a CMU professional during individual appointments or during group feedback sessions. Students will be contacted by a professional staff member inviting them to receive and review their results.

How will I know if my student is recommended for support services?

Your student will be the only person who receives follow-up information. You may wish to ask them directly about their results or simply be supportive and interested if the topic should come up in a conversation.

The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, commonly known as FERPA, is a federal law that protects the privacy of student education records. That means if your first year student is 18 years or older, university officials are not allowed to share information concerning their time on campus, unless we believe your son or daughter has a health or safety emergency. For more information concerning this regulation please see: http:// www.ed.gov/policy/gen/guid/fpco/ferpa/index.html