Residence Life Staff Definitions

Each residence hall team is directed by a residence hall director, who is a full-time professional staff member responsible for the students, programs, and facilities in an individual hall. The residence hall director works very hard to ´coach´ his or her staff and students to become a strong team. Each residence hall director is also trained to serve as an academic advisor and is a strong supporter of a living and learning community.

Key ´team´ members include resident assistants, upper-class students who live on each residence hall floor and serve as the primary resource for information, assistance and community building. RAs are essential in helping develop an environment where students will accept responsibility for personal and group decision making, mutual respect and concern, and a sense of cooperation and sharing.

Another important member of the residence life team includes a multicultural advisor, an upper-class student who lives in each hall and assists minority students in particular, and all students in general, with their transition to university life. This team member is the ´most valuable player´ in promoting an atmosphere of understanding and respect among all students.

Together the residence life staff work as a team to best meet the needs of all students living in their hall.