Dear Parent or Family Member...

The Office of Residence Life is committed to providing residents a comfortable, educational, diverse, and caring community where academic success, personal growth, and social responsibility are valued.

While your son or daughter is the person who is transitioning from high school to college, we are sure you are also facing many changes as well. Whether this is your first or last child leaving the nest; it never seems to get easier. We are confident you have been extremely involved with your child up until this point. Cheering from bleachers, listening to their concerns, and supporting their educational and personal activities have probably taken up a great deal of your time and your love.

Your son or daughter graduates from high school in the spring and suddenly three months later they are adult college students, on their own, making decisions that a short time ago you were making for them. Secondary schools focus on the partnership between parents and the school system as the foundation of a successful student. The more involved you are, the more successful your student will be. Suddenly the partnership changes from student and parent to student and the university. So where does that leave you?

It still leaves you as a parent, a supporter, an encourager and more than likely their biggest fan. Your parenting days are far from over, they are simply changing. In this day and age with cell phones, instant messaging, e-mail and other quick communication tools, many students still talk to their parents on a very regular basis. Do not give up hope! You are still a very integral part of their life.

We are hopeful the information in this section of our website will assist you as your son or daughter go through their many transitions as a college student. There are an amazing number of resources at CMU to assist in their success. We hope you will encourage your son or daughter to seek out those resources. It is our hope that this will be a rewarding opportunity for your entire family.
The Office of Residence Life Staff​