CMU has 22 residence halls in four residential communities.  Each community offers a Student Success Center, where student service professionals work as a team to help residents become successful students.  This team includes an Academic Advisor, a Care Advocate, and a Success Coach.  In addition, other professional staff are in various locations throughout the communities and include Assistant Directors for Residence Life, Residence Hall Directors, and Community Police Officers. 

All residence halls are tobacco and smoke free for the health of all students.


Residents should not have to worry about finding coins or swiping when it comes to doing laundry.  Students who live on campus will enjoy laundry included in their semester rate.

Cable TV and Internet Access

CMU provides Wi-Fi access to all students on campus.  In each residential room, there is also ethernet hookup.

Campus cable TV services are available in all student residence halls provided free-of-charge.  CMU offers a variety of programming choices including all local network channels in high definition. 

In partnership with Charter, CMU now offers the SpectrumU app to students. Through SpectrumU, you can watch live TV from your phone or computer as long as you’re connected to CMU’s network. There’s even some on-demand programming as well. In order to use the SpectrumU app, simply download it from your app store of choice, and open it up while you’re connected to CMU’s Wi-Fi. Alternately, you can access SpectrumU by visiting in your computer’s web browser. To find out more, visit

Select the attributes you would like in a residence hall. The list of halls will automatically be narrowed down to the halls that fit your desired criteria. This information is accurate for the 2017-2018 academic year. All halls are coed.

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