Michigan State Law prohibits the possession or consumption of alcohol by anyone under the age of 21. CMU and the Office of Residence Life expect students and their guests to comply fully with these laws.
  1. A resident who is 21 or older may possess alcohol and drink responsibly in his or her room at any time.
  2. A resident who is 21 or older may drink in the room of another 21-year-old resident if that resident is present.
  3. All guests must conform to the residence hall alcohol policy. Example: If a 21-year-old guest visits a room where the residents are not 21, no alcohol is allowed, even by the 21-year-old guest. Residents are responsible for the behavior of their guests.
  4. No alcohol is allowed in any room at any time unless at least one resident of that room is 21 or older. Alcohol in a room may only be purchased, stored and consumed by a resident 21 or older.
  5. Anyone under 21 present in a room where an alcohol infraction has occurred will be considered in violation of the alcohol policy.
  6. No alcohol, which is open, is allowed at any time in any public area of a residence hall by residents or their guests. Anyone under 21 may not possess alcohol in any public area of the residence hall. A public area may be a hallway, lounge, lobby, or any other area not contained in a specific residence hall room.
  7. Any alcohol being transported by someone who is 21 or older must be completely covered from open view and be taken directly to the resident's room.
  8. Anyone present in a room where a controlled substances infraction has occurred will be considered in violation of the controlled substances policy.

Other alcohol and/or controlled substances policies are specifically outlined in the Student Residence Hall Violations and Consequences. All students will be responsible for reading and understanding this document.

Residents also agree not to possess, use, manufacture, produce or distribute, or aid in the use, manufacture, production or distribution of any controlled substance except as expressly permitted by law.

Students who violate State of Michigan laws and/or the Code of Student Rights, Responsibilities and Disciplinary Procedures and/or the listed residence hall policies regarding alcohol and controlled substances will be referred to the Office of Student Conduct and will face the following sanctions:

Alcohol Violations

First Offense: $200 fine. Online Alcohol Education course. ($15 enrollment fee)

Second Offense: $300 fine. Online Alcohol Education course. Disciplinary probation until graduation.

Third Offense: Suspension.

Controlled Substances Violations

First Offense: $300 fine. Online Controlled Substance Education course. ($25 enrollment fee) ​Disciplinary probation until graduation.

Second Offense: Suspension. 

Violations of the alcohol and drug policies carry over from year to year, hence students do not start with a "clean slate" each academic year.


An amendment to federal law H.R. 6, Section 952, Alcohol or Drug Possession Disclosure, Higher Education Amendments of 1998, allows universities to notify parents when violations occur. CMU does notify parents when students under the age of 21 are found in violation.

* Standard violation fines. Fines are subject to change at the discretion of the Office of Student Conduct​.  Updated September 2015.​