Majors and Minors by College

​If you are trying to find out where to sign your major or minor or what department to contact regarding a program, see the list below. Please note not all programs are offered as a major and minor.  You can also refer to the Academic Bulletin​ page to select the department and find the location and phone number of the office to contact for that particular major.

College of Business Administration
250 Applied Business Studies Complex
(989) 774-3337
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Academic Programs:
Accounting, Accounting Information Systems, Business Law and Regulation, Finance, Economics, Personal Financial Planning, General Management, Hospitality Services Administration, Human Resource Management, International Business, Logistics Management, Management Information Systems, Marketing, Purchasing and Supply Management, Real Estate Development and Finance, Law and Economics.

Interdisciplinary Programs: Entrepreneurship

College of Communication and Fine Arts
129 Moore Hall
(989) 774-1885
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Academic Programs:
Fine and Performing Arts: Art, Art Education, Art History, Graphic Design, Music, Music Education, Theatre and Interpretation, Dance

Communication: Broadcast and Cinematic Arts, Journalism, Public Relations, Advertising, Photojournalism, Communication, Speech Education

Interdisciplinary Programs: Integrative Public Relations, Media Design, Production, and Technology, Music Theatre

Pre-Professional Advising: Pre-Architecture

College of Education and Human Services
426 Education and Human Services
(989) 774-3079
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Academic Programs:
Human Services: Child Development, Dietetics, Family Studies, Fashion Merchandising and Design, Gerontology, Interior Design, Nutrition, Outdoor and Environmental Recreation,
Commercial Recreation, Community Leisure Services Administration, Therapeutic Recreation

Education: Certification programs include Elementary (including programs in Early Childhood & Elementary Education; Reading in the Elementary Grades; Middle Level Minor) and Secondary. Refer to the Bulletin for specific major/minors which are located within 25 academic departments across the university. Majors in Special Education include Teachers of Students with Cognitive Impairment and Teachers of Students with Emotional Impairment.

Interdisciplinary Programs: Leadership

The Herbert H. and Grace Dow College of Health Professions
Health Professions Building 2217
(989) 774-1850
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Academic Programs:
Communication Disorders: Communication Disorders; American Sign Language; Speech-Language Pathology; Audiology

Health Sciences:  Exercise Science, Health Administration; Health Fitness in Preventive and Rehabilitative Programs, Public Health Education and Health Promotion, School Health Education, Exercise Science, Personal and Community Health, Substance Abuse Education, Prevention, Intervention and Treatment

Physical Education and Sport: Physical Education, Sport Studies, Special Physical Education, Athletic Coaching, Sport Administration, Athletic Administration, Coaching, Teaching, Exercise Science

Rehabilitation and Medical Sciences: Physician Assistant,; Physical Therapy, Athletic Training / Sports Medicine

Pre-Professional Advising: Occupational Therapy, Nursing, Medicine


College of Humanities and Social and Behavioral Sciences
106 Anspach
(989) 774-3341
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Academic Programs:
Anthropology, Criminal and Social Justice, English Language and Literature, Foreign Languages, Literatures and Cultures (Arabic, French, German, Spanish), History, International Relations/Comparative Politics, Military Science (ROTC), Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Religious Studies, Social Work, Sociology

Pre-Professional Advising: Pre-Law

Interdisciplinary Programs: Cognitive Science, European Studies, Humanities, Language Arts, Latin American Studies, Museum Studies, Neuroscience, Social Science, Social Studies, Women’s Studies

College of Science and Technology
200 Engineering Technology Building
(989) 774-1870
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Academic Programs:

Science & Mathematics: Astronomy, Biology, Biology/Biomedical Sciences, Biology/Microscopy, Biology/Natural Resources,  Biochemistry, Chemistry; Chemistry-Physics, Geography, Geography/Geographic Information Science, Geography/Environmental & Land-Use Planning, Geography/Geospatial Analysis, Geography/Global Studies, Geology; Geology/ Hydrogeology-Environmental Geology; Mathematics, Mathematics/Pure Math,  Mathematics/Applied Math,  Meteorology, Physics, Statistics

Technology: Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering Technology, Industrial Technology Management (Computer Aided Product Design, Manufacturing Technology), Construction Management, Information Technology

Engineering: Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering,  Engineering Science (Biomedical Concentration)

Pre-Professional Advising: Pre-Dental, Pre-Medicine and Osteopathy, Pre-Optometry, Pre-Pharmacy, Pre-Veterinary Medicine

Interdisciplinary Programs: Actuarial Science, Earth Science Education, Environmental Studies, Integrated Science, Natural Resources


UPDATED October 2012 based on 2012-13 Bulletin