Academic Probation, Suspension and Dismissal


Your final fall semester grade report are available on Central Link (hyperlink) starting December 19.  Your grade report will indicate if you have earned academic honors or if you have been placed on academic probation, suspension or dismissal.

If you were placed on academic probation, suspension or dismissal, a notice was sent to your CMU email account.  This email provides information about your academic standing and instructions about the timely action you may take.  

​​You are responsible for checking your email and reading this material.

Follow the instructions in your email notice to call Academic Advising and Assistance, ​989-774-3465, on January 5th, 6th, or 7th during the hours of 8:30 am – 4:30 pm.​


At the end of each semester or summer session, a student whose cumulative grade point average falls within the range for the interval of credit hours shown in the following table is placed on academic probation. The range is determined by attempted hours or total hours whichever is greater. Total hours include credits earned at CMU as well as transfer credits or hours earned in any other manner.

Attempted/Total Credit HoursGPA Range for Dismissal/SuspensionGPA Range for Probation
19-350.0-1.49 ​1.50-1.99
86 and over0.0-1.94​1.95-1.99


The university notifies students who are placed on academic probation, and encourages them to seek counseling or assistance. If a student is on academic probation for three consecutive semesters, the student may be academically dismissed from the university.

Academic Suspension Policy

New freshmen and transfer students are subject to academic suspension if their first semester grade point average falls below the range for academic probation. Suspended students may re-enroll for the next academic session if granted permission by the Committee on Rematriculation. Permission to re-enroll for the next session is requested through the Academic Assistance Programs office. A written appeal and a personal interview are required, following the procedures outlined under Rematriculation in the Admissions section of the Bulletin.

Academic Dismissal Policy

A student is subject to academic dismissal if his or her point average falls below the point average range for probation, or when the student has been on academic probation for three consecutive semesters and has not made strong academic gains.

The university reserves the right to cancel the matriculation of any student at the end of session when his or her total record indicates that such action is desirable. Likewise, a student whose total record shows considerable ability and marked improvement may be given special consideration. The university notifies students whose matriculation has been cancelled. No student whose matriculation is cancelled, or would have been cancelled had he or she been a student at the university, can enroll again unless readmitted. Consideration for rematriculation will be given to dismissed students only after an absence of one academic year or more. Students may apply for readmittance to the Committee on Rematriculation, in care of the Director of Academic Assistance Programs. The procedure is outlined under Rematriculation in the Admissions section of the Bulletin.


A student whose eligibility to enroll (matriculation) has been cancelled for academic reasons may apply for rematriculation to the Committee on Rematriculation, in care of the Director of Academic Assistance Programs. Students who have been suspended (applies only to first semester freshmen or transfers) may apply for immediate rematriculation. Normally, petitions for rematriculation for students who have been dismissed will not be considered until 12 months after the student has been dismissed.

A student who has been dismissed twice will be rematriculated only under extraordinary circumstances and then not until 24 months after the student’s second dismissal.

Students should plan to return for Fall or Summer sessions as readmittance into the university for Spring semester creates course scheduling difficulties for the student.

Permission to return is not automatic, but is based upon the merits of each case. Students may be expected to show academic improvement at the community college. Students will be expected to show solutions to the difficulties that prevented them from achieving academic competence.

A written application and a personal interview are required. Supporting documents may also be requested. Applications may be obtained from the Academic Assistance Programs office. Completed applications should be submitted at the time of the personal interview. Interviews for students seeking to return for the Fall semester will be held in June and July; interviews for students seeking to return for Summer semester will be held in March a nd April. Last minute interviews are not acceptable.

Academic Assistance, Ronan Hall 250
Phone:  989-774-3465