​​​​Freshman Year-Exploration
  • Take one or two classes in a subject you are considering as a major.
  • Consider an elective such as FYE 101, LIB 197, or CED 101.
  • Meet with your assigned Academic Advisor for assistance with general education requirements, degree requirements, and bulletin interpretation.
  • Take a career assessment online to understand how your interests fit with various majors.
  • Utilize tutoring and academic support services.
  • Become involved in a student organization. Check out Orgsync for a listing of registered groups.
  • Attend the Study Abroad Fair, athletic events or student organization events.

Sophomore Year-Decision Making
  • By the end of sophomore year, you should be approaching 56 credit hours earned.
  • It's important to note by the time you earn 56 credits, you are required to have your major declared and your competency classes completed (Mathematics, Oral English, Freshman Composition, Intermediate Composition, Writing Intensive and Quantitative Reasoning).
  • Meet with a faculty advisor to declare your major.
  • Meet with Career Development about possible careers.
  • Consider a Study Abroad experience during the summer or junior year.
  • Identify part-time or summer employment, volunteer work, or internships in your area of interest.

Junior Year-Experience
  • Most of your classes will be in your major or minor.
  • Meet with a faculty advisor to declare your minor.
  • Schedule a degree progress appointment ​with your advisor after you've declared your major and minor.
  • Obtain work experience through internships, field work, employment, or volunteering.
  • Apply for a leadership position in a student organization.
  • Develop a professional cover letter and résumé.

Senior Year-Graduation and Beyond
  • Students are required to submit a graduation application upon earning 86 credit hours.
  • Research companies or graduate schools of interest.
  • Register for on-campus interviewing through the Career Development office.
  • Meet required deadlines for graduate school or job search.