​Please click on the button below to fill out a brief form indicating that you will not be immediately returning to CMU in Fall 2019.  Please log in to the form using your CMU global ID and password.

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If you decide to enroll in a community college or a 4 year college before returning to CMU, the following steps are suggested.

  • Enroll full-time, taking 12-14 credits each semester.
  • Enroll in academic courses only.  Academic courses are University Program courses, competency courses, & major and minor courses.  Transfer credit equivalency instructions provided below.
  • Do not withdraw from any courses or finish with any incomplete grades.
  • Earn at least a grade of C in each class.
  • Earn a cumulative GPA of at least 2.50.
  • Repeat courses in which you earned a low grade at CMU if your community college offers them.
  • Meet with an academic advisor at the community college to consider:
    • which courses to take at the community college (take a copy of your CMU transcript to help you both decide the best courses.)
    • whether to complete the Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA), the equivalent of CMU's University Program requirements.
    • whether you still need to finish competency courses.
    • which CMU courses with low grades you could repeat, and
    • whether you might complete an Associate's degree.
  • Check transfer equivalency courses using the Transfer Equivalency tables maintained by CMU's Registrar's office.  Transfer Credit Equivalency Tables


You will need to change the information in your FAFSA form to indicate the new school you will be attending as soon as possible.  You will also need to send an email to CMU's Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid informing them that you will not be attending CMU in Fall 2019.  They can cancel your aid and the other institution you will be attending will be given access to the funds.  Please include in your email your name, student ID number and date of birth.  

Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid email address:  cmuosfa@cmich.edu   


If you do not return for the fall semester, you will be interested in the following regarding refund of prepayments. 

1. Fall 2019 prepayment refunds 

  a. If you have prepaid your tuition for Fall 2019 classes, a refund will be processed. 

  b. If you have prepaid for your residence hall or university apartment, an appropriate refund           will be processed.

Academic Advising and Assistance     Ronan Hall 250     989-774-3465     aad@cmich.edu