Taking classes over the summer in Mt. Pleasant is a great way to spend your summer! The majority of courses are taught in a 3 or 6-week format.  Students enroll utilizing CMU’s registration system. Click here to login and register for classes.

Summer Registration
Summer Registration takes place late February to mid May.

Summer Session Dates: For updated campus calendars click here to go to the Registars Office.
Summer courses are divided into two sessions.
First Session runs mid May to mid June
Second Session runs late June to early August.

Many students find it is helpful to take summer classes at home over the summer at their local community college or another university.

Once you decide on a school, look at the Michigan Transfer Network to view course equivalences between many Michigan colleges and universities. The course designator and number will vary by school but the content of the courses is similar. To use the Michigan Transfer Network:

​Go to website http://www.michigantransfernetwork.org/
Click on
Search by Receiving (To) Institution
​Select Receiving Institution as
​Central Michigan University
​Select Subject Area
Select Course Level
​Select ​Transferring Institution from list
​Click on
Once you decide on a school, obtain a Michigan Uniform Undergraduate Guest Application online.  Complete the online guest application.  When done, press the "Generate Print Form" button at the bottom of the form.  The system will automatically review your CMU academic record and generate your guest application with the CMU seal and Registrar's signature.  Click here for online Michigan Uniform Undergraduate Guest Application.

Print your guest application and submit the hardcopy to the school you wish to attend directly either by mail or fax.  That school may contact you about class registration procedures.  If you do not hear from the guest school, contact their Registrar’s Office about class registration.  You are also subject to the policies of the guest school you will be attending.

If you plan to take a course at a school outside of Michigan during the summer you will need to have the course evaluated and approved prior to enrolling.  Some classes have already been reviewed and you can check the Transfer Equivalency Table.  You can review all classes from an institution or search by subject. Not all classes have been reviewed by CMU so if a course is not listed you will need to complete a Transfer Credit Equivalency Form.

  • Grades will NOT transfer to CMU from the guest school, only the credits you earn.  You must obtain a C- or higher for the course to transfer to CMU.  Please be aware some programs require a higher grade in specific courses and may ask to see your transcripts. Please review your Academic Bulletin for specific program requirements. Please consult your Bulletin or check with Undergraduate Academic Services, Warriner 123, (989) 774-3504 to verify the grade you must earn to allow the credit to transfer.
  • You are responsible for having your transcript sent back to CMU once you complete your coursework. Contact the Registrar’s Office at your guest school and ask them to mail an official copy of your transcript to CMU, Registrar’s Office, Warriner 212, Mt. Pleasant  MI  48859.  
  • Please allow approximately 3 weeks for your transcript to be reviewed. Once CMU has evaluated your transfer credit, a copy of your Transfer Credit Evaluation will be emailed to you.
  •  If you are planning on attending a school outside of Michigan, please contact Undergraduate Academic  Services, Warriner 123, (989) 774-3504, as soon as possible.

Please read the following requirements and conditions governing the transfer of course credit to CMU.
  • Only those undergraduate courses earned at institutions that are regionally accredited or from a foreign university or college approved by the government or the official regulating agency of the country will be considered for transfer credit at Central Michigan University.
  • Recording of transfer credit on the student’s permanent academic record will be completed following admission to the University and receipt of an official transcript of coursework sent directly from your previous institution.
  • Grades and/or honor points are not transferable or recorded on the CMU permanent record.  You must, however, earn at least a “C-“ for a course to be considered for transfer. If you attend an institution that has numeric grading only, you may contact Undergraduate Academic Services (989-774-3504) to verify the minimum grade required for transfer consideration.
  • Courses taken to fulfill CMU’s competency requirements, Written English I and II, Oral English, or Mathematics must be completed with a minimum grade of 2.00 or “C” to satisfy the competency.
  • If you are repeating a course already completed at CMU, you must receive a higher grade in the repeated class to have it considered for transfer credit.